Spark Your Child’s Creativity with Babbabox!

Both of my children have incredible imaginations, and they love to create new things. My son Gabriel enjoys creating art projects with paper and colors, and my daughter Nyah really enjoys reading and designing her own jewelry. We are always on the lookout for kid-friendly creative arts to try, so I was excited to get the chance to try out a Babbabox and share with my readers about it!


Have you heard about Babbabox? Babbabox is a creative monthly subscription service that is filled with activities for children based around a central theme. Each box contains several activities and includes all the materials you need to and stretch your child’s imagination and build new skills with hands on activities. There are activities to help your child develop each area of their growing mind: crafts (Create), tools for exploration (Explore), a book (Story Tell), and a link to an interactive computer game (Connect).

The theme for our Babbabox was Sun, Moon, and Stars, so all of the materials and activities in the box centered around this theme. This is what came in our box:

  • Activity kit for a paper Mache moon night light (Create)
  • Activity kit for a constellation frame (Create)
  • A moon phase chart (Explore)
  • A pair of kid-friendly binoculars (Explore)
  • The “Twinkle: Star of the Week” story book (Story Tell)
  • Connection to online content to learn how to play a song on a digital piano (Connect)
  • A fun thank you gift: a pretty wine stopper!

We received our box and my kids and I got right to work making the paper mache moon night light. It was our first time making paper mache, so it was a great experiment! We really enjoyed the paper mache moon project and love that we got to try a new project. Everything we needed for the project was right at our fingertips – no running to the store for last minute items! We got to spend some quality time trying a new creative project together. Our paper mache moon came out great and may even get a nice coat of paint just to jazz it up a bit!

Babbabox is a theme-based box delivered to your door that allows you to enjoy a little convenience and inspiration! As any parent can attest, the most important thing you can give to your child is quality time. BabbaBox makes this possible by helping you to save time, money, & mindspace.

Just think! Fantastic monthly activities with ALL the materials for kids ages 3-6. Included in the box are 3 projects + 1 bestselling book + digital download + parent surprise gift!

The best part? Babbabox makes a GREAT unique gift during the holiday season.

Act now! Get 50% off your first month when you sign up for a monthly membership using the code, SWAY100. Offer expires December 31, 2012.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BabbaBox. The opinions and text are all mine.


    • Sarah Jane says

      This was a fun project, plus we still have 1-2 other projects in the box to work on. It will keep up busy for a couple more weekends!

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