Learning to Love Our Fitness Journey

Champion hero

Are you loving your fitness journey? When you look to your future, do you see an active life? What makes people #RealChampions? While fitness isn’t always sparklies and roses, there is still a way to love your fitness journey. To me, #RealChampions are everyday people who overcome obstacles to really embrace their fitness journey wherever […]

Low FODMAP Fuel for Athletes

Low fodmap fuel for athletes

If you have IBS or have chronic stomach problems, than you are no doubt familiar with the Low FODMAP diet. FODMAP is short for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols, types of carbohydrates, starches, and sugars that are difficult to digest by people with IBS. The Low FODMAP diet was created by the Monash University […]

The Fit Life: News and New Things #6

the fit life label 2

  Hi friends! Time for another roundup of new things I’m doing and trying these days. Here is my 6th installment of The Fit Life: News and New Things. It’s always fun to do these posts! First off, I have some super exciting news: tomorrow I am heading to the NOW Foods headquarters in Illinois […]

Get Outdoors with Mountain Athletics™

Mountain Athletics collage

This post brought to you by The North Face . The content and opinions expressed below are that of The Fit Cookie. #ITrainFor Anyone up for some outdoor fun? Of course! My whole family loves being outdoors. Both my husband and I were raised doing plenty of things outdoors: biking, camping, hiking, fishing, baseball, soccer…you […]

Booty Blast Workout #1

Booty Blast Video Label

  Happy Friday, friends! I’m uploading a new workout video today! It has been a little while since I have done a workout video. Well, scratch that…I haven’t created a follow-along workout video yet at all! I have done exercise and fitness videos, but no full workouts. This is an exciting turn of events for […]

The Fit Life: News and New Things #5

The Fit Life: News and New Things - TheFitCookie.com

Hey friends! It’s been a little while since I have done a personal what’s happening in my life post, so I decided to kick off this week with some good things going on in my life!  Vega sent me their pre- and post-workout drink mixes to try! A review will be coming soon Blogging: I […]

Favorite Posts {& Pin It Party!}

Pin It Party!

  Today is a little something just for fun: I’m joining Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean for a fun Pin It Party! Bloggers pick 5 things they would love shared on Pinterest and we link up on her page.If you are looking for some great recipes, workouts, or anything else to pin and share […]

Move of the Week: Renegade Climbers

Renegade Climbers collage

  It’s time for another Move of the Week! It’s another great combination move, but this time it’s Renegade Climbers, a combination of renegade rows (aka plank rows) and mountain climbers. This exercise targets your core, shoulders, and upper back. Combination moves are great to add into your routine for something fun and new, plus […]

30-Minute Abs and Glutes Workout

30-MinuteAbs & Glutes Workout

  Hello friends! I have a fun workout to share with you today: this one is a 30-minute targeted abs and glutes workout since core and glute strength is essential for good posture and proper movement in every day living. Plus, workouts like this will help strengthen and support your back to keep it healthy. […]

PMS Relief for Active Women

PMS Relief for Active Women

Photo by Becky Pickrel PMS and period discomfort is certainly not a glamorous topic, but it’s definitely one that I feel is important for active women to discuss openly about. As I shared in one of my last posts, about 85% of women in childbearing years have at least one PMS symptom. For women who […]