Move of the Week: Renegade Climbers

Renegade Climbers collage

  It’s time for another Move of the Week! It’s another great combination move, but this time it’s Renegade Climbers, a combination of renegade rows (aka plank rows) and mountain climbers. This exercise targets your core, shoulders, and upper back. Combination moves are great to add into your routine for something fun and new, plus […]

Move of the Week: Dumbbell Burpees

Dumbbell Burpees(1)

I’m back with another Move of the Week! Things got a little crazy around the holidays and my regular posting schedule got changed around. But no worries! Here’s another new exercise to pump up your workout routine. This is another one of my favorite exercises: Dumbbell Burpees. I use this exercise with some of my […]

8 Essential Running Tips for Beginners

8 Essential Running Tips For Beginners - FitBetty

This running tips post is sponsored by ASICS ( I was provided a pair of ASCIS Gel-Kayano 21’s to review) Beginning any workout program is important, whether it’s weight lifting, running, Pilates, etc. Just think about it: anyone who is truly great at something was once a beginner. But even more important than beginning a […]

Move of the Week: Ball Slam Burpee

Ball Slam Burpees

I’m back with another Move of the Week (MOW)! This exercise is the Ball Slam Burpee, one of my favorite combination moves and metabolic exercises! Most of the exercises I’m featuring in the MOW series are my favorites – that’s why I’m sharing them! I had a lot of fun combining 2 of my favorite […]

Move of the Week: Superman Lat Pull

Move of the Week: Superman + Lat Pull

Hey fitness fans, I’m starting a new blog series! Each week I’ll post a new Move of the Week, an exercise you can add to your workout routines for some variety and fun! My goal is to post a new move each week depending on my schedule. The first Move of the Week is the […]

New Recipe Videos with Tutorials!

New Recipe Videos with Tutorials: Dairy Free Soft Serve Chocolate Ice Cream and Homemade Sunflower Seed Milk

Hello friends! As many of you know I’m a regular contributor to a website called My Life With Food Allergies. If you haven’t stopped by the website, do! It’s a great resource for people with celiac disease, food intolerances, and food allergies. I have written several posts for them over the past few months so […]

Homemade Concord Grape Juice

How-To: Homemade Concord Grape Juice -

It’s that time of year when we harvest our gardens and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of the spring and summer labor. Unfortunately, I am not much of a gardener (my gardens have never survived my…*ahem*…neglect…), but my Mom has a great garden and she shares garden goodies with us every year. In my Mom’s  […]

Easy Cold Brewed Coffee

How-To: Cold Brewed Coffee (aka Toddy) -

I have never been a big coffee drinker. My family was raised on hot tea, so coffee was never a part of my life until just a few years ago. I drink 1 cup in the morning, and occasionally a cup of half-caff in the afternoon when I get coffee with my big sister on […]

Build a Compost Bin and Nurture Your Garden the Natural Way

The Home Depot DIY Compost Bin

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot In the quest for organic produce and a healthy garden, many people are turning away from plant-growth chemicals and getting trying their hand at natural plant fertilizers with composting. People are taking an interest in composting in recent years as […]

Save Money by Grinding Flour at Home!

Grind Your Own Flour at Home

  Interested in learning more about saving money while cooking gluten free? One way to save some money on your allergy-friendly cooking is to invest in a home grain mill. My family has used a home grain mill for years. My Mom actually started grinding flour at home when I was a teenager, and we […]