Learning to Love Our Fitness Journey

Champion hero

Are you loving your fitness journey? When you look to your future, do you see an active life? What makes people #RealChampions? While fitness isn’t always sparklies and roses, there is still a way to love your fitness journey. To me, #RealChampions are everyday people who overcome obstacles to really embrace their fitness journey wherever […]

The Fit Life: News and New Things #6

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  Hi friends! Time for another roundup of new things I’m doing and trying these days. Here is my 6th installment of The Fit Life: News and New Things. It’s always fun to do these posts! First off, I have some super exciting news: tomorrow I am heading to the NOW Foods headquarters in Illinois […]

The Fit Life: News and New Things #5

The Fit Life: News and New Things - TheFitCookie.com

Hey friends! It’s been a little while since I have done a personal what’s happening in my life post, so I decided to kick off this week with some good things going on in my life!  Vega sent me their pre- and post-workout drink mixes to try! A review will be coming soon Blogging: I […]

Big News! Merging Blogs and a New Look

Big News! Merging Blogs and a New Look

    I have some big news! Some of you may know that I have been kicking around the idea of merging my 2 blogs for a little while. I had grown to love both blogs very much, but I decided that it was time to save a little money and time by combining everything […]

Don’t Be a Gym Troll: 7 Deadly Gym Sins to Avoid

7 Deadly Gym Sins to Avoid

I really should have titled this post “How Not to be an A**Hat at the Gym” but I decided to skip the expletives. But the title might be a little misleading: these aren’t really deadly sins, unless you make someone mad enough to clobber you with a dumbbell. The temptation is very real, folks! But […]

2014 in Review and 2015 Fitness Trends

2014 Year in Review& 2015 Trends

Hi gang! I’m linking up with Erica over at Erica Finds today to share some recaps from 2014 and fun things to look forward to in 2015. I loved how she summed up her year and set up some predictions and goals, so I decided to follow suit and share some of my highlights, goals, […]

The Fit Life: News and New Things #3

The Fit Life

Can you believe that April is almost over?! And it’s been a while since I have posted anything, yikes! It’s unreal how fast time flies by when you’re busy having fun. I have been training hard for my upcoming (and first!) sprint triathlon, which is only 1 week away! I’m a bit nervous – I […]

What’s Cooking: Foodie Favorites and Recipes #2

What's Cooking: Foodie Favorites and Recipes - TheFitCookie.com

Hey y’all! It’s time for another post to share some great happenings and fun things I have been cooking up lately! This one is a bit long, but it’s full of good some stuff 😉  First thing’s first, I am officially a Cocogo ambassador! I have been doing reviews and helping to promote them since […]

What’s in My Cabinet: My Favorite Supplements

My favorite supplements label

This supplement round-up is sponsored by X2 Performance #teamx2 I love finding out what kind of supplements other people take! Inspired by my partnership with X2 Performance, I decided to give readers a look at the supplements I have been taking lately. My cabinet might look a bit different than other personal trainer’s cabinets – […]

Living with IBS: Healing from the Inside Out

Living with IBS: Healing from the Inside Out - TheFitCookie.com

As some of you know, I have been struggling with digestive issues for years now. Sometimes I feel that is is only getting worse, especially since I had 2 rounds of antibiotics last year for strep (I had it twice last year, ick). Last year my seasonal allergies made my digestive problems worse, and this […]