Health Food Haul: New Things to Try!


Sooo, it’s been a little while since I posted about some of the new products I have found, so I wanted to share some of the new health foods I have been trying lately! I post a lot of these things on Instagram so if you follow me there some of this might look familiar. […]

Smart Snacking with Nuts & Seeds

Blue diamond hero

  Nuts (and seeds for those of you who have nut allergies) are nature’s powerhouses: they have fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Nuts and seeds are an excellent addition to any healthy diet, but since they are concentrated sources of fats, it’s still a great idea to watch your intake and not […]

4 “Healthy” Hidden Sources of Sugar


  We all know that sugary foods and drinks aren’t good for us to eat all the time. Most people agree that things like soda pop and are best eaten on occasion, but most people don’t stop to look at the sugar content in health foods we eat on a daily basis. Some foods have […]

Grain Free On-the-Go

Grain Free on the go

  If you’re eating paleo or mostly grain free, then you know how challenging it can be to find good snacks, especially when you’re traveling. I have been eating {mostly} grain free for a couple years now to help with IBS and other health issues. It’s going good so far, but now I’m also experimenting […]

National Eat a Cranberry Day! Cranberry Hemp Bites

Cranberry Hemp Bites

  It’s National Eat A Cranberry Day today! Not to be confused of course with National Cranberry Day (Nov. 21st) or National Cranberry Relish Day (Nov. 22nd). Not confusing at all ;)You can celebrate Eat A Cranberry Day by eating a handful of cranberries (pucker up!) or by making these Cranberry Hemp Bites. I am […]

HempPro 70 Giveaway!

HempPro 70 Giveaway - @Fit_Betty #giveaway @ManitobaHarvest

This HempPro 70 giveaway post contains affiliate links It’s time for a giveaway! I haven’t done a giveaway in a while, so I decided it was time  for another one. I recently reviewed the HempPro 70 flavored hemp protein from Manitoba Harvest, and since I already love the regular HempPro 70, I teamed up with […]

Discover Clean Energy {Vega Sport Review}

Discover Clean Energy {Vega Sport Review} - #FuelYourBetter #SweatPink #VegaSport #VegaFueled

This healthy energy post is sponsored by Vega Sport and Sweat Pink; #FuelYourBetter   If you could find clean energy, what would you do with it all? I’m not talking about clean energy that powers your car, I’m talking about clean energy that powers YOU through your favorite activities and helps to Fuel Your Better. […]

Swanson Vitamins Giveaway!

Swanson 1

This Swanson Vitamins Giveaway is sponsored by Swanson Vitamins; all opinions are my own Living healthy is definitely a worthy pursuit, but sometimes it can get pricey! If you’re looking to stretch your grocery and supplement dollars, then check out Swanson Vitamins. In celebration of Swanson Health Products’ 45th birthday, I am hosting a $45 […]

Heart Healthy Recipe Roundup

Heart Healthy Recipe Roundup - #recipes #healthy

  Looking for heart healthy recipes to expand your diet options? If you are following a Mediterranean diet for health reasons or weight loss, than there are lots of delicious recipes on the internet to try! I share most of my own recipes on my other blog, The Fit Cookie, but I wanted to share […]

Should You Go Gluten Free?

Should You Go Gluten Free?

Should you go gluten free? This is a question that many people have asked themselves, either because they heard people praise the gluten free “diet” or they have friends who have tried a gluten free diet and feel better. I wrote an article for My Life with Food Allergies recently that addresses this question: should […]