Grain-Free Pumpkin Muffins {Vegan}

muffins 3

Pumpkin is everywhere! I try to refrain from posting tons of pumpkin recipes, just because not everyone likes pumpkin and people do want to see other recipes. But, I had to find a pumpkin muffin recipe that I could have. My stomach has been fickle lately and sometimes I do well with grains and other […]

Easy Red Pepper and Gruyere Omelet

Omelet -

This healthy omelet recipe is sponsored by The Plate Boutique who provided the omelet maker to review Who would have thought “easy” and “omelet” could be in the same sentence? Yes, an easy-to-make omelet is possible! Since we could all use a little help around the kitchen now and then, I got a cool new […]

Berry Healthy Smoothie Bowl {with Protein}

Berry Healthy Smoothie Bowl {with Protein} -

  Need a little variety for breakfast (or any time of day)? As you know, I sometimes get in a food rut, especially in the mornings since I can’t have typical breakfast food (like eggs and yogurt) and I try to keep my baking and flour-based goodies to the weekends (pancakes, muffins, etc.). This keeps […]

Healthy Gluten Free Maple Apple Crisp

Healthy Gluten-Free Apple Crisp -

Think you can’t find allergy-friendly comfort foods that are easy to make and healthy? Think again! If you are looking for a sweet apple recipe for fall, than look no further: this Gluten-Free Maple Apple Crisp is simple, delicious, gluten-free, and has no cane sugar and no flour. Awesome! A week or so ago I […]

Oatmeal Raisin Pancakes

Oatmeal Raisin Pancakes (3)

  Yep, that’s right: another breakfast recipe! I noticed that there are a lot of breakfast recipes on The Fit Cookie, probably because breakfast recipes (especially pancakes) are fairly easy to make and pretty easy to adapt to gluten-free. At any rate, here is another great pancake recipe to sink your teeth into on the […]

Gluten-Free Strawberry Coffee Cake

Gluten-Free Strawberrry Coffee Cake

We all hope you had a great Easter! I know this post may be a little bit late, but we have been busy in the Parker house these days, and things aren’t slowing down! Easter morning was a hang-out-at-home morning for my kiddos and I. My husband had to work, so we just lased at […]

Gluten-Free Cranberry Oat Scones

Gluten-Free Cranberry Oat Scones

  Isn’t it interesting how some foods bring good memories? Scones are one of those “good memories” foods for me. My mom used to make scones quite a bit when I was growing up and I loved them! We made many different kinds, but my favorite was the holiday sour cream scones with mini chocolate […]