Hard Candy Dishes

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Got candy?

Sometimes the holidays come and go, leaving behind a huge pile of candy. Candy is not a very good thing to keep around the house (especially for me!). Here is a good way to use all of the hard candy without adding a jeans size or giving your kids a sugar high.

I got this awesome idea from the Tutto Bella blog where they made serving trays fashioned out of starlight mint candies. I have used this idea before in the windows of my gingerbread house, but this was an excellent idea to make them into serving trays. I took the advice of one of the blog’s commenters and shaped the candy into a bowl. How cool is that! You don’t even have to wash these when you are done using them, and you can give them away and not worry about getting them back.

I didn’t have starlight candies around, so I used some Jolly Ranchers instead. You could also use some Life Savers or just about any hard candy, just be aware that the melting times may vary so keep an eye on them. I want to try candy canes sometime to see what they do : )


Candy Serving Trays & Bowls

You will need:

Hard candy (Jolly Ranchers, starlight mints, and chocolate starlight mints work good)

Parchment paper

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking pan with parchment paper.
  2. Arrange the candy in a colored pattern or shape of your choice on the parchment lined pan.
  3. Bake the candy in the oven between 5-10 minutes., depending on the type of candy. The Jolly Ranchers did best at 6-7 minutes.
  4. Take the candy out of the oven and let cool. If you want to make a bowl, let the candy cool some. When the candy has cooled a bit but is still pliable, press into a bowl (with the parchment still on the candy) or around the outside of a bowl. Let cool completely.

Arrange your candy how you like

Candy Tray/Plate

Press the pliable candy around (or inside) a bowl and let it set

Try filling your bowl with something healthier than more candy! ; )


  1. r says

    mine jolly roncher bowl is too sticky to do anything with it. very pretty but it has dried for two days and still sticky. A
    Any help?

    • says

      Hi! Sometimes the candy will be sticky if it’s old candy or if it is humid or has been exposed to moisture. You can try making it again with fresh candies, or you can spray a couple coats of clear lacquer on the dish to seal it. Let me know how it goes for you!

    • says

      Hi Bette! You can make these as far ahead as needed, provided it is not super humid in your area. If you use a good hard candy that isn’t sticky, you shouldn’t have any problems. They will be sticky when hot, but the stickiness will go away as it cools. If you live in a very humid place, they will probably get sticky after a couple days. Also, I wouldn’t recommend putting anything moist in the dish or it will get sticky. You can always experiment and spray a clear coat of paint on the dish to seal it, just make sure it is food grade if you want to put treats in it.

  2. thull7@netzero.com says

    Sarah Jane-its Trish in Virginia again. Hope u had a nice Thanksgiving . I am going to
    try the candy dish again today…I got starlight mints and butterscotch disc.
    Im printing out your directions( this Page) so I do it right…LOL
    I will do about 6 minutes at 350 degrees. I will let you know how Im doing.
    You take care and Thanx again. Happy Holidays to you

    • Sarah Jane says

      Hi Trish! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, too. Let me know how this turns out. I am glad you posted a comment again – it reminded me that I need to do this project with my kids again : )

      • Trish the Dish Morton says

        You gotta see my bowl I made from starlight mints and butterscotch
        disc. Im having so much fun since I mastered it. How can I send you
        a pic….? Thank you so much………..

        • Sarah Jane says

          Awesome, I’m so glad it turned out! You can email me the photos here: thefitcookie(at)gmail(dot)com. Just fill in the rest of the address (writing it this way deters electronic spammers!). Can’t wait to see your project!

  3. Trish says

    Well dear………I put it on backwards.LOL
    Candy got stuck all on bowl……………
    Gotta learn……huh?

    • Sarah Jane says

      Hi Trish! Make sure that you don’t overheat the candy – you want it to melt but not get too hot. Also, let the melted candy sit in the pan for a bit to cool some. It will be soft enough to form around a bowl but still firm enough to shape without sticking too much. Let me know how it goes!

  4. says

    This is such a neat idea, these dishes look really cool. I will have to try this sometime. Thanks for the fun idea! Thanks for sharing at Showcase Your Talent Thursday. I hope to see you at the next party!


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