Be Empowered & Stay Safe (Part 1)

Swoob safety hero

Hey friends! I hope your day is going great. I’m kicking off the week with a really important post. This post is long and it’s a heavy topic, but this is something that is super important for active women to make a priority. I’m talking about personal safety. This post was getting so long, in […]

{More} Affordable Fitness Tips!

Hello! I’m back again to bring you part 2 of my 6 7 tips for affordable fitness (I threw in an extra one!). If you missed the first post, go check it out! And don’t forget to share your favorite money-saving strategies for fitness and exercise. I love to hear from you!   Find free […]

The Curious Case of the FitSpo Meme

No doubt by now you have bumped into FitSpo (short for fitness inspiration) while minding your own business on the internet. FitSpo can be tricky, making you want to work out but making you feel bad about yourself all at the same time. Blogs, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram, and more are chock full of “fitspirational” […]

New Goals!

Hello, fitness friends! Just a few updates on my personal fitness journey. I have been working toward new goals since the beginning of the month after taking May off of high-impact exercise (including running) to let the tendonitis in my my foot and leg heal up. Physical therapy helped a TON and I am back […]

Rough Days: Don’t Give Up!

 Bad days…everyone has them, and I seem to have had plenty of them lately! Between sickness, injury, crushing stress, and poor habits, I have been worn down, fatigued, and un-motivated. Some days I just want to curl up under my covers and stay there forever! While proper rest is great, ignoring life by hiding away […]

Hello My Name is…Beautiful

Hello my name is Sarah and I am ______________ How would you fill in the blank? People are quick to call themselves many things: fat, lazy, ugly, stupid…but too often we hesitate calling ourselves that elusive “B” word: Beautiful. How many people do you know who would call themselves beautiful? I was listening to the […]

IHRSA 2013: More Expo Favorites

I have more great things to share from the 2013 IHRSA Expo! Some of these products and companies aren’t new to the marketplace, they were new to me and fascinating! The Expo was by far my favorite part of the whole shebang. One of my absolute favorite things I got to see at the IHRSA […]

The Up-Side of Being Stubborn

There’s an up-side to being stubborn?  Sure there is! When I say “stubborn” I don’t mean being hard-hearted, unteachable, or rude. Nope! I am talking about being firm in your beliefs and standing strong in the face of opposition. I believe that being stubborn can be a great tool if used properly. How? Well, being […]

Do You Like to Get Dirty?

If you have spent much time on this blog, you know how much I love obstacle/mud runs. They give people a chance to test their fitness skills outside of running, such as climbing, crawling, and jumping. Plus, it’s super fun to get muddy! On June 8th, I will be partnering with Dirty Girl as a […]

It’s Time to Get Serious!

Okay, it is confession time! I have been slacking off a bit in the nutrition department and to a lesser extent in fitness, too, and I am less than thrilled with the results. I have gained some weight and the fat has overstayed it welcome. It’s time to get serious! I am determined this month […]