Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss Quote

  I just wanted to pop in and say Happy Birthday to one of my favorite authors: Dr. Seuss! Even though I am an adult, I still adore Dr. Seuss books! There is something magical about the rhythm and rhyme in his stories. Dr. Seuss was a genius at making words come to life. Right […]

My Symphony of Life Podcast Interview

My Symphony of Life

  Several weeks ago I did an interview with Ana Fairchild at the Audios Maximus Network. The podcast interview is up so you can check out the My Symphony of Life-Episode #24 interview! While you are listening, whip up a batch of the No-Bake Coconut Macaroons to enjoy!


Personal growth can only come from stretching yourself beyond your limits of comfort. Whether you want to grow emotionally, spiritually, physically, or relationally, you must step out into the unknown to experience changes. If you want change in your life, change in routine must take place. Whether your risks are successful or fall short, you […]


Short and sweet, but very true. Healthy food is worth the effort!   “It’s better to pay the grocer than the doctor.” – Michael Pollan    


  “There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life—happiness, freedom, and peace of mind—are always attained by giving them to someone else.” – General Peyton C. March  

New Moments


It can be said that our lives are the sum of all of our choices, big or small. Each new moment is an opportunity to start making the right choices!