Got a Sweet Tooth? Get Some Awesome Bars!

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If you have a sweet tooth, indulge in something a little bit healthier with some Awesome Bars! Here’s my review of Awesome Bars granola bars

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Looking for a healthier energy bar or sweet-treat? Check out Awesome Bars, the sweet-and-salty energy bars handmade with love in San Francisco, California. Founded and handcrafted in America, the Awesome Bars company was started in 2010 by 2 sisters, Leah and Stephanie.

It started out very small, and has since blossomed into a nationwide business. They pride themselves on creating bars that use simple ingredients with complex carbohydrates, like oats, wheat germ, and flax.

Want to learn more about the Awesome Bar company? Check out this article in the San Francisco Chronicle and check out photos of their granola-bar goodness!

Awesome Bars

These bars are delicious! I love that these bars are made of simple and whole ingredients (and they are incredibly delicious!), but I do consider them a treat because of the high sugar content (from agave and brown sugar).

If you are watching calories, you can cut the bars in half, or you can eat one as an on-the-go meal replacement or even a camping or hiking snack. It is easy to go overboard with these since they are large bars and very addictive!

Just a note about allergens: most Awesome Bars contain nuts and wheat germ. The flavor I tried (Cranberry Trail Mix) doesn’t have wheat in it, but it does contain regular oats and is processed on equipment with wheat, so none of the flavors are gluten free.

You can check out the ingredients in the bars on the Awesome Bar order page. The oats in these bars aren’t gluten-free, but if you can tolerate gluten, these are a great energy bar to keep on hand when you’ve finished working out or your sweet tooth strikes and you want something healthier than a candy bar.

Awesome Bars

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