Mushroom “Noodles”

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Our town is not that big, but we are lucky enough to have a (very) small Asian food store. I am one of those odd folks who goes into grocery stores and looks for the strangest foods to try (canned squid anyone?).

Watching Andrew Zimmern’s “Bizarre Foods” show kinda warped my food sensibilities : ) I am still waiting (fingers crossed!) for the shopping fairies to grant our town a Whole Foods Market or a Vitamin Cottage!

I went browsing yesterday at both the Asian food store and the Mexican food store and came home with some goodies to try (more to come!). One of my finds was dried mushroom strips made from wood fungus/tree mushrooms. I made up some of these mushroom strips and thought they would make a great substitute for noodles in a grain-free or Paleo diet.

The bag didn’t have much explanation as far as nutrients, contents, or preparation, so I had to look it up online. They are prepared much like other dried mushrooms:

  • Pour hot or boiling water over the dried mushrooms until they are thoroughly covered with plenty of extra liquid
  • Soak for about 20-30 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Saute with seasonings or simmer in soup

These had a slightly crunchy texture, similar to seaweed salad. They didn’t have much of a flavor, so it takes on any flavors you cook it with. I was a bit wary of the packaging and the possibility of cross-contamination, so next time I get dried slice mushrooms, I will look for a better-quality brand.

In case you were curious, the canned squid with ink didn’t taste that great. Fresh cooked tastes so much better!

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