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Want to do yoga at home but don’t know where to start? Do yoga anywhere with MyYogaWorks, an online library of over 500 great yoga workouts

Disclosure: I received free access to My Yoga Works in exchange for a blog review
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Got flexibility? Or better yet: do you have muscle imbalances and find certain exercises difficult to execute with good form? Yeah, me too… While I am fairly flexible, I do have limited mobility in my hips and calves making certain exercises like squats hard to do with perfect form.

Especially since I have started cycling and running more, my body’s mobility is getting more and more limited despite my religious post-workout stretching and foam rolling. Sometimes you just need good days dedicated to stretching or yoga!

I have always been attracted to doing yoga at home for several reasons:

  1. I love the physical aspect of yoga but I’m not interested in the spiritual aspect, so doing the classes at home allows me to make it my own experience without feeling pressured to get into the spiritual stuff
  2. I’m flexible but still not great at yoga – doing yoga at home can be a nice way to get a handle on come of the poses and not feel embarrassed when I fall over!
  3. I can do the videos any time of day or night I prefer and in my scrubby clothes – no pressure to wear Lulu or look fabulous!
Do Yoga Anywhere with MyYogaWorks {Review & Discount} -

MyYogaWorks is great because you can practice yoga in the comfort of your own home or still complete the online classes while you are traveling. You can login and watch the videos from many devices (laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone) so you can take the classes anywhere. You can even hook up your computer to your TV screen to get the full-size video experience in your home.

Do Yoga Anywhere with MyYogaWorks {Review & Discount} -

It’s easy to set up your account and get your preferences listed so you can start watching videos! You can easily sort through the available videos by teacher, level of difficulty, time, benefit, and target area. The website is easy to navigate, although I did run into a couple of snags with the Videos page loading properly.

With over 560 videos to choose from, there will be a video that fits just about anyone! They even have some Mindful Fitness videos that include Pilates and Barre style classes.

Do Yoga Anywhere with MyYogaWorks {Review & Discount} -

My first yoga class using MyYogaWorks was the Yoga Vitamins video with David Kim. It was great! The video had 30 minutes of classic poses that were doable but still challenging for me. David had great cuing techniques that helped me get into the right positions for each pose.

Do Yoga Anywhere with MyYogaWorks {Review & Discount} -

I also did the Leg Shakin’ BarWorks class and the Yoga for Athletes – Hips. My hips need a lot of work! I am fairly flexible, but since I have been cycling more preparing for my triathlon I have noticed a drop in my hip mobility, especially when I’m doing barbell squats. This just reminds me how much I need to keep working on my flexibility!

Do Yoga Anywhere with MyYogaWorks {Review & Discount} -

You can also sign up for journey series, where you can participate in a daily video series devoted to certain aspects of yoga or health. There are journey series for detox, runners, getting wedding ready, and headstands among others. MyYogaWorks is also starting their 28 Day Spring Yoga Challenge today!

Do Yoga Anywhere with MyYogaWorks {Review & Discount} -

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I received a free trial subscription of MyYogaWorks in exchange for a review; all opinions are my own

5 thoughts on “Do Yoga Anywhere with MyYogaWorks”

  1. Beware!! I purchased a groupon for the Myyogaworks site and it is a scam!! Not only did the groupon not work, but they also charged my credit card an additional $80. On top of that they appear to have no customer service. I have emailed 4 times with no response. The phone always goes to voicemail and the mailbox is full. The website is very confusing and set up to get your money real quick.

  2. I wish I liked yoga – I probably don’t like it because I am awful at all those moves, but of course, with practice I could master them, but I don’t have patience. Yep, I wasn’t blessed with patience, that’s for sure! LOL!

    • I am not naturally good at yoga – I’m not ElastiGirl LOL! But it helps bunches with my joint mobility, I can really tell when I have put it off for too long. I stretch religiously, but yoga seems to do a better job at times. My hips get a bit sore from doing some of the moves, but the poses that are most difficult for me are the ones I need the most 🙂 Learning how to slow down a bit has helped me a lot, and I’m working on trying to be more mindful of my eating habits to help with my IBS issues, so hopefully this will help with that too


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