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January 30/31 Fitness Challenge

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Get in shape and create a lasting fitness habit with this 30/31 fitness challenge starting January 1, 2021! Enter to win weekly prizes when you participate each week

Disclosure: Opove sent me free product and I am an affiliate for them. This post contains affiliate links for Opove. All opinions are my own
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Hey friends, this past year has been a challenge to say the least! I’m so ready for a completely new year to start fresh.

Most of us have been thrown completely out of our normal routine this year, including our workouts. Personally, I’ve been struggling with sticking to my workouts this year, especially since I’ve gotten busier with my blog and working more on my computer.

To help keep people kick off 2021 by staying active, I’m hosting a 30/31 fitness challenge for January 2021!

Exercise is great for mental health, stress management, and keeping us sane when things don’t go as planned, so committing to moving each day can help 🙂 Hosting this challenge is one of my ways of helping people manage stress and create healthier habits.

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The 30/30 challenge is simple (and it’s free!): aim to move for at least 30 minutes daily each day of the month of April (30 days).

The activity you choose can be anything you enjoy: yoga, Zumba online classes, weight lifting, running, walking…whatever you like as long as you’re moving for 30 consecutive minutes. You don’t have to be perfect, we just want to create a group to challenge each other to move daily!

If you want to join the challenge follow these steps:

  1. Join our challenge group
  2. Fill out our Google form so we can keep track of prize entries
  3. Read the rules posted at the top of the Facebook group
  4. Once we start on January 1, start logging your workouts in the daily workout threads.

We’ll have weekly prize drawings at the end of each week. Each day I will post a daily share thread for people to share that day’s workout. In order to qualify for the weekly prize drawings, challenge participants will need to post their workouts 3 or more days each week in the group.

*Prizes are available to US residents only due to shipping. International participants are welcome but won’t be eligible for prizes

Meet our challenge sponsors

NOW Foods logo

Our main prize sponsor for our January 2021 challenge is NOW Foods!

NOW Foods produces more than just food: they also sell supplements, essential oils, and health foods. They are a family run company that has been in business since 1968.

Several years ago I actually went on a tour of the NOW Foods facility and met the staff, it was an awesome experience!

Our final prize drawing sponsor is Opove!

Opove percussion massagers

Opove is sponsoring a M3 Pro Max percussion massager for our final grand prize drawing for our challenge!

A few weeks ago, Opove sent me one of their percussion massagers to try out. I loved it (it’s much sturdier and better quality than the ExoGun I bought last year), so I joined their affiliate program as well.

Opove is also offering $40 off on the M3 Pro Max massage gun!

We’ll add more sponsors to this section if we get more as well, stay tuned!

Past challenge sponsors

Here are the sponsors of our last fitness challenge we held in April 2020 (some of these links are affiliate links):

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