Let’s Swap Ideas for Home Organizing and Gardening

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Want to find some home organizing ideas, or are you looking to share some of your own? Check out The Fit Cookie’s new home and garden adventures!

The Fit Cookie Home and Garden

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that am working on adding a new dimension to The Fit Cookie: home, organizing, and gardening. I love to have an organized home, but space, time, and budget limitations make house- and yard-keeping a challenge.

For many people, space, time, and finances are a universal factor. Hopefully I can share some practical ideas and tips for organizing and gardening, but I would also love to get some advice and feedback from my readers!

What are some of your small-space tips or yard tricks? I believe that everyone has a gift to share, and all of you have special talents that can bless others.

I am hoping to write and share my home/organizing/gardening adventures and {mis}adventures. I am determined to get creative with our small space to keep it organized in a practical way and on a budget!

To kick it off, here is an organizing quick-tip:

  • I have a bunch of cute Kitsch headbands that were sitting in a cluttered bunch in my bathroom drawer. I filled a decorative apothecary jar (which I already had) with the headbands. It sits on my bathroom counter keeping the headbands in one place and easy to grab while displaying their bright colors and cool designs!

Bathroom organizing wm

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