Sunday Workout: ZWOW

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My weekend workout: ZWOW, the burpee episode! Check out my informal review of the ZWOW home workouts from Zuzana (Zuzka Light)


Today, in keeping with my desire to be more adventurous with my fitness, I tried a new ZWOW workout (ZWOW #23: Burpee torture)!

The ZWOW workouts are created by Zuzana Light, an original co-founder of She is no longer with BodyRock but has started working on her own and has her own website in the works.

I have looked at’s workouts before, but I haven’t tried any of them because I don’t feel like spending the $ to get equipment that I really won’t be using much. I am saving my cash for equipment I can use in my personal training (read: TRX and power bands!).

I found Zuzana’s YouTube workouts and was hooked on the fact that the ZWOW’s don’t require equipment.

I did the ZWOW #23 workout soon after I got up this morning and loved it! The burpees Zuzana performed were a little bit different than the ones I am used to. They were a hybrid of full and modified burpees.

Traditional full burpees contain a full push-up and your body doesn’t touch the floor, and modified burpees cut out the push-up entirely. I would not have been able to complete 100 full burpees – my arms would have given out on me! But I could complete 100 reps of  Zuzana’s burpees, so the modification she used worked out perfectly – it was challenging but very doable.

I was impressed with the workout. It was a full-body metabolic routine that pushed the envelope, but was very achievable. I got an intense workout at home (without equipment) in under 30 minutes – perfect! Zuzana’s personality was charming, too.

She has found a way to motivate without being overly hyper or coming across as arrogant. I will definitely be trying more ZWOW workouts in the future! My next new workout experiment will probably be Blogilates : )

5 thoughts on “Sunday Workout: ZWOW”

  1. I am a major lover of ZWOW. I started with BodyRockTv and loved their workouts, but not all the necessary equipment (like you). Then I saw someone post “Zuzana is back!” somewhere on Facebook and was instantly on her YouTube channel watching her new videos. They are amazing! Now if she could just get an app so I can take her anywhere.

  2. ZWOW is cool, her workouts look intense! But fun at the same time. I’m thinking about getting into some HIIT training in the future and I think I’ll definitely give her videos a look when I do.

    • I am definitely going to try more of her workouts! I am having fun adding more variety into my routine. I have tried CrossFit once before, but may try to add it regularly into my workouts, too, just for some fun : )


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