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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Stay Healthy this School Year

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Making sure our kids stay healthy during the school year is important! Between school, activities, sports, and more, kids often don’t get enough sleep and good nutrition. Here are 5 ways to help your kids stay healthy this school year

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School is well under way and the weather is cooling down. There are so many great things to love about fall! Changing colors in the trees, cooler temps, fall pumpkins, and fun school days. The only thing we don’t look forward to this time of year is the cold and flu season.

With our kids spending more time at school in the fall and the seasons changing, it can be easy to pick up the sniffles. We want to make sure our kids’ immune systems are prepared for whatever comes their way, especially during the busy school year, so there are a few things we try to do each day that help.

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Making sure our children stay healthy throughout the school year is important, but it doesn’t have to be impossible! Here are 5 tips for keeping your kids healthy throughout the school year:

1. Stay hydrated

Encourage your kids to pack a reusable water bottle with them to school since they can’t always get up to go to the drinking fountain in the middle of class. Most teachers encourage their students to bring bottles to school as long as they are clear so teachers know what’s in them.

2. Eat a balanced breakfast

Encourage your kids to start their day with a balanced meal so they are fueled and energized for the day.

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3. Wash hands often

Help your kids understand the importance of hand washing and using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer as needed (avoid anything with triclosan). It’s important for kids to know how to prevent the spread of germs by good hand washing practices.

4. Sleep well

Growing children need plenty of good quality sleep, typically much more that most adults. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that school aged children 6-13 get between 9-11 hours of sleep each night. Quality sleep is important for proper development for children and can keep their immune system running smoothly.

5. Get some multivitamin and mineral support

Find a good multivitamin or supplement (with Vitamin C especially) to help support your child’s health during the cold and flu season. If they have food allergies, make sure that they are getting the nutrients they need to fill in the nutritional gaps they might have from avoiding certain foods due to allergies.

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