Discover Clean Energy (Vega Sport Review)

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Get clean energy to #FuelYourBetter with Vega Sport! In this post, I’m reviewing the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer for pre-workout

Disclosure: I received free Vega Sport product in exchange for a blog post
Discover Clean Energy: Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer Review | #ad #FuelYourBetter #nutrition #fitness

If you could find an endless supply clean energy, what would you do with it all? I’m not talking about clean energy that powers your smart car, I’m talking about clean energy that powers YOU through your favorite activities and helps to Fuel Your Better.

“Clean” food means different things to different people, but in a broad sense, clean foods are free from artificial ingredients, chemicals, and highly processed ingredients.

Discover Clean Energy: Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer Review |

Finding an energy supplement that can deliver clean and nutrient dense ingredients is important for active people who are conscientious about what goes in their bodies. Vega Sport is one great company that delivers clean and whole food sports nutrition supplements through their Sport line of products.

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I’m not a vegan, but I have multiple food allergies and I like to eat clean, so some of the Vega Sport products are a good fit for me. I can’t have certain items (like the ones with pea protein), but the energizers and the sport gels I can have! I chose the Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer to try out since it is sugar free, and Vega sent a box for me to review.

Update: the product packaging and formulation has changed slightly, so check the new package labels for updated ingredient lists.

I’m always looking for natural and healthy sources of energy to keep me upbeat through busy days! I am taking on a new class in September (PiYo!) and I have been practicing that more, in addition to keeping up with my other activities.

Discover Clean Energy: Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer Review |

The Vega Sugar-Free Sport Energizer is loaded with 10 synergistic ingredients that help boost energy, endurance, performance, and mental focus naturally:

  • Sodium and potassium: electrolytes for water balance and hydration
  • Coconut and coconut oil: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Yerba Maté: this is an herb used as tea in South America which contains caffeine for energy
  • Devil’s Claw: anti-inflammatory
  • Green tea: antioxidants and caffeine
  • Rhodiola: antioxidant, adaptogen, reduces fatigue and stress
  • Ginseng: mental focus and alertness
  • Turmeric: anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger: anti-inflammatory, pain relief, anti-nausea
Discover Clean Energy: Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer Review

The single-serving packets are easily portable! I took my Vega Sugar-Free energizer with me to my PiYo training down in Colorado this weekend to give me a no-sugar boost in the afternoon while we finished up our training.

I don’t have any photos of me at PiYo training – we were all moving around so much! I also kept them on hand on the trip down and back so I could stay awake. These also make great mid-afternoon pick ups if you want something different than coffee. The Vega Sugar-Free Energizer is gentle energy: I didn’t get jitters using it and I didn’t have a crash later on.

I also love that this has no sugar! I try to watch my sugar intake since I can easily get addicted to it. Sugar is my kryptonite – the less of it in my diet the better, even when I’m doing a lot of exercise. If I’m doing heavy exercise and high volume, I try to eat more starches rather than completely relying on sugar. It keeps my blood sugar steadier and I don’t have so many energy ups and downs.

Discover Clean Energy: Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer Review - usage guide

Because the Vega Sugar-Free Energizer doesn’t have sugar in it, they recommend that people use it for shorter activities since with longer duration activities or higher intensities you will need some sugar as fuel. But this makes a great pre-workout energizer and mid-morning pick up if you are staying low carb or low sugar.

Discover Clean Energy: Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer Review - product packaging

I usually take an energy gel (a lower sugar and higher starch one) before working out on an empty stomach, so I’m not too worried about having sugar in my Energizer drink mix. The mix tends to be a bit bitter, simply because of the yerba maté and the other herbs and spices. I don’t mind it, but if that bothers you, you could mix in a little juice or a few drops of stevia.

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