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Diet Tips for Surviving Halloween

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If you tend to overdo it during the days around Halloween, here are a few diet tips for surviving Halloween without ruining your diet

Halloween Survival

Fortunately for us, we don’t get trick or treaters around our neighborhood (we kind a live in the boonies) so we don’t buy candy to hand out to kids. But the grocery store temptations are there nonetheless.

Hence my lost battle with the candy corn, one of my Halloween candies.

Here’s a quickie post with 7 Diet Tips for Surviving Halloween (With Your Sanity Intact):

7 Diet Tips for Surviving Halloween {With Your Sanity Intact} - FitBetty.com

Diet Tips for Surviving Halloween

  1. Don’t buy candy you don’t need.
  2. If you must buy candy, keep it out of eyesight and immediate reach.
  3. If you can’t stop at just one piece of candy and tend to binge, you may need to avoid eating any candy.
  4. When Halloween is over, get rid of the extra candy ASAP
  5. Trade your candy for healthier treats like dried fruit or KIND bars
  6. Eat a nutritious and satisfying meal before trick or treating
  7. If you mess up or “fall off the wagon”, don’t throw in the towel. Start fresh again the following day

And here’s a recipe from my other blog, The Fit Cookie, for a healthy and super easy Halloween treat that was a big hit with my kids! Get the recipe for my healthier Chocolate Fruit Bugs (vegan, gluten free, Paleo, and allergy friendly!)

Chocolate Fruit Bugs for Halloween - FitBetty.com

6 thoughts on “Diet Tips for Surviving Halloween”

  1. Great tips! One other idea is to just to even eat really healthy all day and allow yourself to indulge a little bit – by deciding before hand how much you’ll have and then telling someone what your plans were and getting them to ask you later how it went!

  2. I always buy dum dum lollipops for halloween candy. They aren’t as tempting for snacking as chocolate or “snack size” goodies because of the required time it takes to consume them. Sam’s club sells them every year and I purchase a Gigantic bag that sits at the top of the pantry until halloween night.


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