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Merging Blogs and a New Look for The Fit Cookie

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I took the leap this weekend and made a step toward growing my blog: I merged The Fit Cookie and Fit Betty into one blog and we’re creating a new look!

Big News! Merging Blogs and a New Look

I have some big news! Some of you may know that I have been kicking around the idea of merging my 2 blogs for a little while. I had grown to love both blogs very much, but I decided that it was time to save a little money and time by combining everything into one website.

This was a BIG step for me since I am naturally cautious by nature and didn’t want to mess anything up. But I knew that the benefits would outweigh the downsides, especially as my blog continues to grow, and I had already merged my Facebook pages into one to save time as well.

I took the leap and hired WP Site Care to merge my two blogs yesterday! They have been great in helping me trouble shoot new issues as well, I highly recommend them.

Originally when I started this blog back in October 2011, everything was in one place but I decided to split the fitness and food content and created my second blog, Fit Betty.It’s crazy to think that I have been blogging for 3-1/2 years already!

Both blogs were growing slowly but steadily (not an overnight success by an means), and I realized that I needed to economize to save some time and stay consistent. Blogging consistently has been difficult for me since I am terrible about sticking to a schedule.

That is one thing I am hoping to change now: being focused enough to post regular content. It probably won’t be anything like “Foodie Friday” or “Workout Wednesday”, I’ll simply post content as I see fit aside from the monthly Recipe Redux link-up I participate in.

My content will still have allergy-friendly recipes, but there will be more fitness and nutrition content mixed in now. I will be posting more frequently, and changing the look here and there to match the new blend of content.

I also changed themes again since I was having some formatting issues with the Foodie Pro theme. I will miss the recipe index, but I plan on adding one again, but I don’t miss that my blog looked like every other food blog out there.

The Foodie Pro theme was awesome, but it looked cookie cutter to me. I wanted something unique without having to spend a lot of money on customizations. I am very hands on and DIY, so I like being able to make some of those changes myself.

There are some kinks to work out with the images (you may notice some images are missing from posts right now) and some finer details, but all-in-all I am glad I made the change. I still have some old formatting and house keeping items to take care of from my old themes and very old posts, so I will stay busy working on keeping things looking nice and working right!

As always, I love to hear from you! What do you love or want to see changed with the new format and theme?

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  1. I’m fresh outta ideas on themes because I tend to just go with one and stick with it/customize the crap out of it until I like it, but hooray for the merge! :]!


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