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Connecting and Learning at the Everything Food Conference

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Spend time connecting with bloggers and learning new things at the Everything Food Conference! We spent time in Layton, Utah, a couple weeks ago at the Everything Food Conference learning how to grow our blog, here’s a recap of the event

photo of everything food conference schedule on red background

A couple weeks ago, I attended a really neat conference in Utah. The Everything Food Conference was the very first blog conference I’ve attended that was centered specifically around food blogging (I’ve gone to fitness blogging conferences before). It was a great experience!

And better yet, I won a ticket to attend in a random drawing from my ad network, Mediavine. As the biggest event sponsors, they had extra tickets to give away, so I entered the drawing and got one! I am already head over heels for Mediavine, but I got to meet some of their staff while I was there, which made me love them even more šŸ™‚

photo of the mountains by Layton, Utah

Utah is gorgeous this time of year! Everything was so green (and my allergies were killing me too haha).

Front desk area at David Conference Center in Layton, Utah, for Everything Food Conference

The Everything Food Conference was held at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah, this year, and the venue was beautiful! Since it was a smaller conference, it was easy to find the rooms for sessions, meals, and the sponsor expo.

Expo area at the Everything Food Conference

The expo wasn’t huge, but there were some great brands there and I was able to connect with some great companies that I’d love to work with!

everything food conference schedule on a red sofa

Most of the sessions were fantastic! There were a few that I missed and regretted not going to (like Brooke Lark’s video session), and a few of the sessions I did attend weren’t as helpful as I expected. But overall the sessions I attended were amazing, helpful, inspiring, and I loved them.

SunTropics booth at the Everything Food Conference in Layton, Utah

The expo was small but had some great vendors for food bloggers. I loved seeing the SunTropics booth and checking out their dairy free coconutmilk-based products. The coconut rice pudding is something my kids would love!

SunTropics booth at the Everything Food Conference in Utah
Allison Faulkner opening keynote at Everything Food Conference

We got to listen to Allison Faulkner for the opening keynote and have a catered dinner from Red Iguana.

Sarah Parker and Nagi Meahashi from Recipe Tin Eats at Everything Food Conference

As you can see from my badge, this was my first year at Everything Food Conference šŸ˜‰ One of my favorite things was getting to meet Nagi Maehashi from RecipeTin Eats. She flew all the way from Australia to come speak at EFC. She rarely travels to the US for blogging conferences, so this was a treat!

Nagi was such a wonderful person to visit with, she was so generous with her time and expertise during the conference! She spent her free time visiting with bloggers and giving them tips to help their websites. Her site gets 7 million+ pageviews each month, so we were definitely all ears when she spoke. She had some great tips!

Nagi’s food photography ebook helped improve my photography a ton, and I’m not even through the book yet. But she didn’t chat about photography, but about how to build a website that people want to come back to over and over again, and how to improve SEO.

Kroger Wellness Oasis at the Everything Food Conference

The Kroger Wellness Oasis was the one of my favorite sponsor rooms. I didn’t make it to the chef cooking demos from Analon and Vitamix, but I made it to the Wellness Oasis hosted by Kroger. They had tons of snacks available that their stores carry (like Smashmallow, Chef’s Cut jerky, LifeAid drinks, and more). I also won a Kroger gift card!

Simple Truth snack bar at the Kroger Wellness Oasis at Everything Food Conference

They also had mini massage sessions, which was awesome! The masseuse showed me a couple techniques for managing sinus headaches. And they had a long table set up with all kinds of treat so we could make our own trail mix. It was a lot of fun!

Kroger wellness oasis photo session at Everything Food Conference

One of my very favorite things about going to conferences like these is connecting with old friends and meeting new ones! Some of the amazing gluten free bloggers I spent time with at Everything Food Conference: (from left to right) Jennifer at Living Freely Gluten Free, Audrey at Mama Knows Gluten Free, JinJoo at Kimchimari, and me!

Antelope Street in Layton, Utah

We stayed at an AirBnB on Antelope Street in Layton, here’s a view of the huge hill on Antelope Street. Zach rode his bike up and down this one a few times and it’s a lot steeper than it looks.

conference swag and products from Everything Food Conference

Here’s a bit of our swag bag and what we got at the expo and from sponsors, not including the treats I ate while I was there! There were tons of goodies from sponsors, thing foods and things I couldn’t use myself, I gave away to friends to enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Sarah. I’ll definitely keep this conference on my radar for next year! My sister lives out that way, but I honestly didn’t even hear about the conference until it was a bit too late. And I have that Idaho potato stuffed guy – he’s so cute!

    • I’d definitely go again, I enjoyed most of the sessions (some weren’t what I was expecting, but every conference has a few of those). If you go next year, maybe we can meet up! šŸ™‚


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