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Reduce Toxins with Stainless Steel – Mira Review

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Disclosure: I received free Mira product in exchange for a blog post. If you’re moving away from plastic, check out stainless steel containers for your kitchen. Here’s my review of the Mira Brands Stainless Steel Lunchbox Trio


Chances are you have heard loads of information in recent years about BPA and other hormone-disrupting chemicals in plastics. Even if you use BPA-free plastics, you may still be at risk of exposure to other chemicals in the plastic that can make it’s way into your food.

Plus, there is plenty of concern about the amount of garbage generated with plastic containers, many of which are not biodegradable and some cannot be recycled.

Whether you are concerned about the environment or concerned about your health (or both!), it is worth taking a look at the type of food containers you use.

Admittedly, we still use disposable plastic containers and baggies for lunches and leftovers because they are cheap, but even from a financial perspective, it makes better sense to get reusable containers that will last years versus weeks (or hours in the case of ziploc bags).

One company making healthy and eco-friendly containers, Mira Brands, sent me a trio of stainless steel containers to try out and review. These containers look amazing, much better than your standard Tupperware. But most importantly, these containers are:

  • Unlined 18/8 stainless steel
  • Non-toxic lids (LDPE #4 plastic)
  • Free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead
  • Won’t stain or hold odors from other foods


The color-coordinated lids make organizing easy, plus the containers are nesting so you can save a bit of space in your cupboards. Not sure whether you want to spring for glass or stainless steel containers?

Stainless steel containers have a couple advantages over glass: they are lightweight, portable, and unbreakable. The only downside to these containers is that you can’t microwave them, but if you are anti-microwave, this won’t be an issue anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wasn’t sure how leak-proof these would be, so I did a leak test: I filled one container with water, put the lid on, and set it on it’s side in the sink over a paper towel. No leaks! I was quite surprised that these didn’t leak; the lids sit snug on the containers, but are still easy to get on and off.ย  Perfect!


I really like this container set, and I would love to get more of them and eventually do away with my plastic containers and bags. These are definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a plastic alternative in your house.

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  1. An oversized salad is my favorite packable lunch for sure!! Spinach, strawberries, cucumbers, blue/feta cheese, walnuts, grilled chicken, and some sort of vinaigrette = perfect!

  2. My favorite packable lunch is an Ezekiel bread sandwich with coconut oil, chia seeds, a thin slice of mozarella cheese, ham, and baby spinach.

  3. I no longer pack lunches but hubby’s favorite is PB&J lol I would like to send him to lunch with a healthy lunch like veggie burger or shrimp/rice/veggie compbo.

    I love the colors and that they won’t stain whoo hoo

  4. I pack left overs most of the time (elk steak today), usually with a bunch of veggies frozen or fresh, and fruit for a snack in the after noon and lemon water to wash it all down.


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