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20 Minute Abs and Glutes AMRAP Workout

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Pins to Kill disclosure: I recieved a free pair of leggings for review, however all opinions are my own!

Look great in your fitness leggings (or any pants!) with this quick abs and glutes AMRAP workout. It takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish

Look great in those leggings! Abs and Glutes AMRAP workout (& @PinstoKill Review) - #ad #clothing #workout @TheFitCookie

Hey friends, it’s time for another workout! And this time I have a little something extra – a fun leggings review from Pins to Kill!

For the longest time I have been a bit of a ‘fraidy cat when it comes to fun prints on any piece of clothing, and especially leggings! Heck, I didn’t even wear leggings in public until just a few years ago since I was very self conscious, and I felt that wearing printed leggings would draw attention to the least favorite part of my body: my thighs.

Look great in those leggings! Abs and Glutes AMRAP workout (& @PinstoKill Review) - #ad #clothing #workout @TheFitCookie

I love wearing leggings nowadays for working out and especially for traveling, and I started to add some printed leggings to my closet a little bit at a time. When Pins to Kill contacted me about doing a blog review, I loved the look of their hexagon print and went for it!

I’m still careful about what prints I choose (I want something flattering!), but I’m getting more adventurous about my clothing choices and branching out into more FUN options. After all, life isn’t all black and grey, so maybe my clothes shouldn’t be either!

This Abs and Glutes AMRAP workout is a fun way to look your best in those Pins to Kill leggings! I created this workout for my Guts and Butts class a couple of Saturdays ago and they enjoyed it. It’s more intense than a regular mat abs and glutes workout, but it’s still low impact (no jumping) so it’s friendly on your joints but still effective.

The beauty of AMRAP workouts is that while you are encouraged to push your limits, every participant can go at their own pace and the workout is very much about what you can do. You do not have to follow anyone’s lead and you can go as fast or as slow as is safely reasonable for YOU.

Make sure that you complete a good warm-up for 5-10 minutes before this workout and take some time to cool down and stretch good after your workout is done, taking time to focus on stretching your core, hamstrings, and glutes.

Look great in those leggings! Abs and Glutes AMRAP workout (& @PinstoKill Review) - #ad #clothing #workout @TheFitCookie

For this workout, use a pair of dumbbells or a barbell that you can reasonably lift for 20 minutes of higher intensity work and a plate or dumbbell for the sit-ups. I like using a barbell for this workout, but dumbbells are perfectly fine too. If you start getting tired drop your weight down a bit and keep moving. For beginners, the lunges and sit-ups can be done without weight.

Look great in those leggings! Abs and Glutes AMRAP workout (& @PinstoKill Review) - #ad #clothing #workout @TheFitCookie

If you’re looking for colorful and unique leggings, then check out Pins to Kill! Pins to Kill is a custom design leggings website that just launched last week where you can either buy from the patterns they offer, or you can upload your own images to create custom designs.

Pins to Kill is a part of the Lydra Group which specializes in fabric and metal printing, design, laser cutting, wedding invitations, and more. They do lots of cool things! Pins to Kill and the Lydra Group are based in Melbourne, Australia, but they ship their leggings to the USA so you can get your own fun leggings.

Pins to Kill sent me a pair of the lovely yellow hexagon print leggings to try out and review! Pins to Kill (aka legs to kill) just launched and you can order some great leggings designs (I love the hexagon print!), or you can upload your own images to custom design your own leggings.

Look great in those leggings! Abs and Glutes AMRAP workout (& @PinstoKill Review) - #ad #clothing #workout @TheFitCookie

I would love to see a cotton crotch panel in their leggings, a wider waistband, and flatter seams, but overall these are beautiful leggings that fit great and feel good! The Pins to Kill leggings fit true to size – I’m wearing size medium which is what I normally wear in leggings. They fit snugly and are the perfect length for me (I’m 5′ 6″).

Look great in those leggings! Abs and Glutes AMRAP workout (& @PinstoKill Review) - #ad #clothing #workout @TheFitCookie

It’s important not to let your leggings contact anything rough or coarse as they can snag, and these are hand wash only as well, so don’t put them in your washing machine. I usually take them into the shower with me after wearing them. I hand wash them while I’m showering then hang dry them – works perfect!

These leggings are meant more for day-wear and not specifically for fitness, although I have worn these in yoga and PiYo fine. The fabric that the regular leggings are made of isn’t very breathable, so Pins to Kill has created a separate sports fabric option (matte lycra) for custom designed leggings that is less shiny and more breathable than the regular bright lycra fabric.

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