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Dairy Free and Gluten Free Grilling Recipes

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If you’re in the mood for summer grilling, we have some great allergy friendly recipes for you! Our recipe roundup of dairy free and gluten free grilling recipes includes recipes for the smoke, sauces, marinades, and even grilled desserts.

photo collage of different gluten free grilling recipes.

Summer is one of my favorite times of year, and one reason (aside from the sunshine and green plants) is that it’s perfect weather for grilling daily.

I love grilling and try to grill most times of the year, except when the snow below freezing temps make it hard to do in the winter. If it wasn’t for the bad winter weather we get here, I’d be grilling every month!

In honor of summer, I decided to put together a roundup of dairy free and gluten free grilling recipes (not sure why I didn’t do this sooner)! Our roundup includes a few recipes for the smoker as well, and we included some multicultural recipes if you love exploring global cuisine.

Some of these recipes include soy sauce, and I still included them in this roundup since you can easily opt for a gluten free soy sauce (tamari) in place of any regular soy sauce a recipe calls for.

photo of Char-Broil grill with foil packets on it.
Back when my current grill was new, it’s in need of a deep clean again!

If you can’t have soy, coconut aminos work great instead, or the San-J soy sauce alternative made with fermented peas. We recently tried some and it tastes just like regular soy sauce! Really great alternative if you can have peas. If you can’t have peas, the coconut aminos are always a great option.

Since we have included quite a few recipes in here, we organized this recipe roundup into these categories:

  1. Sauces, marinades, and rubs
  2. Grilled chicken and poultry
  3. Grilled veggies and sides
  4. Grilled beef recipes
  5. Grilled pork, seafood, and other meats
  6. Smoker recipes
  7. Grilled fruit and desserts

Dairy free and gluten free grill and smoker recipes

We’ve got enough recipes here to last you all summer, including some dessert recipes! Bookmark this post to come back again to try some new recipes.

Sauces, marinades, and rubs

Grilled Chicken and Poultry

Grilled Veggies and Sides

Grilled Beef Recipes

Grilled Pork, Seafood, and other meats

Smoker Recipes

Grilled Fruit and Desserts

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  1. Hurray for grilling season! Thanks for all the terrific inspiration, and for including my family’s beloved Grilled Potatoes! I hope your readers love the recipe as much as ours do!


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