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Fat Burning Home Workout

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Want to get in shape at home? Try this Fat Burning Home Workout that combines cardio and strength training in only 20 minutes!

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Do-Anywhere Fat burning AMRAP Workout (you can do this workout at home! no special equipment needed) - @TheFitCookie

Hey friends, I’m back with another workout! I created this one for the Smart LifeBites website, so I’m just posting a little teaser here. This workout is perfect for doing at home or anywhere since it’s all bodyweight and there is no need for any additional equipment. Plus it only takes 20 minutes, so it’s great when you’re short on time!

With the holidays over and the New Year in full swing, people are backing away from sweet treats and are looking for ways to work off the holiday overindulgence. If you’re like most Americans, January brings a renewed interest in fitness and health!

Whether you are super busy or you’re new to exercise and want to avoid exercising in public, sometimes getting to a gym isn’t practical for everyone. Working out at home can be more convenient and just as effective! Even if you’re not at home, you can complete this workout anywhere you have a little space, like a hotel room or your office.

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Do-Anywhere Fat Burning AMRAP Workout (you can do this workout at home! no special equipment needed) - @TheFitCookie @CrispyGreen
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