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Fit Gear Review: Fun Things I Have Been Trying Lately!

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Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for a blog review from all the products in this post

Check out the fun new products and brands I’ve been trying out lately! Here’s a quick review of Kitsch, Hoo-Rag, and Bulu BoxCheck out the fun new products and brands I've been trying out lately! Here's a quick review of Kitsch, Hoo-Rag, and Bulu Box

Kitsch HeadBands

The fabulous ladies at Kitsch sent me some super-cute headbands and hair-ties to try out. I love these headbands! They do slip a bit when I exercise (I really can’t get any of my headbands to stay), but I still love how cute and fashionable these are!

I got a variety of bands and ties with sparkles, flowers, encouraging sayings, and plain hair-colored ones. These are definitely one of my favorite things. I have been wearing these in some of my videos (the Bulu Box review below and some of my exercise videos). P.S.: I even put these in my Christmas Gift Guide!

Kitsch headbands and hair ties


What is a Hoo-rag you might ask? Well, it is a seamless, stretchable, and tubular bandana that can be used for just about anything. Plus, it is light-weight, moisture wicking, and soft microfiber so you can use it in any of your fitness activities.

You can tie it and fold it many ways to create a neck gator, beanie, headband, balaclava, or a pirate rag. The Hoo-rag company has come up with some pretty amazing fabric designs, and you can even send in your company logo and have custom designs made for you!

I was going to try my Hoo-rag as a face mask when running outside in the cold, but it has been too cold to run outside lately (16 degrees this morning!) even with a face mask. But, these are useful for other fun things, too. Here are just a few ways to wear a Hoo-rag:

Different ways to wear a Hoo-rag

Bulu Box

I got to try out a Bulu Box for the first time through my Sweat Pink -Fit Approach family. You get to try a box filled with samples of fitness and health products so you can try new things without the cost and commitment of buying full-sized products that you may not like.

I got lucky and received 2 boxes – 1 for December and 1 for January. I really liked my boxes, although I have a lot of food allergies so this type of box wouldn’t be something that would work for me long term.

But it was really fun to get some samples of new products! I love trying new things, so this sort of thing would be a blast to sign up for if it weren’t for my food allergies (darn it anyway!). Below is my video that shows what came in my boxes!

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  1. Thanks for your honestly on the headbands slipping off your head! I bought some at a little store by where I live and headbands usually slip off my head anyways so though this was a good try bc there were so cheap. I even untied the knot and sewed the ends! Still the same. Bummer but I still like that they come in so many colors.


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