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Gift Guide: Holiday Gifts that Give Back

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Looking for some last-minute gifts for Christmas that make an impact in the lives of others? Here are some great companies that sell gifts that give back

Disclosure: this holiday gift guide is sponsored by Society Socks. All opinions are my own
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Hey friends! This year’s gift guide is a little bit different than some of my other ones: instead of sharing specific gift ideas, I’m going to share some great companies to buy gifts that give back. This post is a little bit later than I’d like, but let’s face it, some of us are still Christmas shopping, so this will come at the right time 😉

The companies I’ve listed below are mostly organizations whose products I actually own, but I’ve listed some other companies that I follow as well. When we traveled to Haiti in August, we visited Rosie’s Boutique and found some amazing companies that help to create jobs for people in Haiti.

There are many fantastic companies that give back to people in need through job creation, fair trade, and donations to after-care for human trafficking survivors, but here are just a few of my favorite companies that give back. If you know of other good companies, let me know in the comments who are your favorite!

Companies and organizations that give back

Society Socks

Sock subscription from Society Socks - holiday gifts that give back

If you’re looking for a fun and useful subscription box for gifting, check out the sock subscription from Society Socks.

When you sign up for the Society Socks subscription box, you get 2 pairs of colorful and stylish socks each month, and 2 pairs of socks will be donated (one pair of socks donated for every pair of socks purchased)!

Society Socks donates their socks to different organizations in the US and Canada, such as homeless shelters, children’s homes, women’s shelters, and more. Check out the list of organizations that they donate to!

Rosie’s Boutique

Rosie's Boutique, Haiti

Rosie’s Boutique in Haiti works to sell handmade goods from Haitian artisans to help further job creation and financial security for families in Haiti. They also have a store in Iowa, so you can order some of their gift products through their Iowa store.

Some of the great brands that Rosie’s carries are Béljoy jewelry and Singing Rooster coffee. We got some beautiful Béljoy bracelets while we were at the boutique, and I also bought some of the Singing Rooster coffee. This is a great company to purchase gifts from if you want to support artisans in Haiti!

Made for Freedom

Made for Freedom offers clothing, yoga bags (I love mine!), jewelry, and more handmade by survivors of human trafficking and slavery. Employing at-risk women in fair trade helps them to break the cycle of poverty and helps them to turn from sex trafficking and sweat shop labor as a way to earn money.

Made for Freedom yoga mat bag

Made for Freedom also partners with help centers around the world to bring healing and hope for women and girls rescued from trafficking, and they work to bring social awareness to the global problem of human trafficking.


I’ve worked with prAna several times over the years on sponsored posts for The Fit Cookie. I love their clothing, but I love their mission more.

They work to use sustainable materials in their clothing (like recycled wool, recycled cotton, etc.), but they are also committed to working with fair trade farms and facilities for their materials and clothing construction.

prAna Fair Trade clothing

Fair trade gives farmers, factory workers, and artisans around the world fair wages for their labor and safe work conditions so they can provide for their families safely. Last year, prAna’s Fair Trade Certified program gave back $150K+ to over 14,000 workers around the world!

sackcloth + ashes

Sackcloth + Ashes donates 1 blanket to your local homeless shelter (based on zip code) for every blanket that you purchase. Their goal is to donate 1 million blankets by 2024! ❤️The Sackcloth + Ashes blankets are made from recycled materials as well!

Sackcloth + Ashes blankets are also available through World Market. Each Sackcloth & Ashes blanket comes in a gift box that you can refill with items that shelters need most. Bring your filled box back to any World Market store, and they will take it to a local shelter.

Other amazing companies that give back!

Compassion International has a gift catalog where you can give gifts of emergency food and water, medical care, and more in the name of a friend or family member with their Honor Cards.

Operation Underground Railroad – proceeds from their regular products and holiday shop go toward their mission of rescuing children from sex trafficking.

A21 shop – proceeds go toward their mission of promoting freedom from trafficking.

Sari Bari – Sari Bari sells ethical fashion created by at risk women and trafficking survivors in India.

Purpose Jewelry – fair trade handcrafted jewelry made by women rescued from trafficking.

Ten Thousand Villages – fair trade and ethically sourced gifts and home goods.

Servv International – One of the first Fair Trade organizations, founded in 1949. A non-profit organization fighting poverty through fair trade.

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