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Mountain Athletics Training App Review & Update

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Interested in upping your game? Check out the workout app from The North Face and see my Mountain Athletics training update

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Hey all! I’m taking a little break from vacation posts to share an update on my training with the North Face Mountain Athletics app. I had been trying to stick with it as best I could, but got a bit derailed from the Mountain Athletics app workouts during vacation and haven’t made it back to the app yet. Before my vacation I used the app based on what my training and fitness class schedule was for the week, so it was off and on.

The workouts have gotten progressively more challenging. I completed one of the leg and upper body strength workouts on Tuesday before vacation and got pretty sore! That’s what happens if you miss too many strength sessions in a row 😉

In that workout we had progressed from 3 sets to 5 sets of heavy walking lunges (5 reps each leg) and 5 sets of a prisoner circuit (3 pullups, 5 pushups, and 7 dips). The exercises and reps remain mostly the same but the number of sets increases over time so you stay challenged.

Getting Stronger: Mountain Athletics Training Update #ad http://wp.me/p2Bw44-4D9 @TheNorthFace #MountainAthletics #ITrainFor

The next legs and upper body strength workout progresses to 6 rounds of exercises

For this particular legs and upper body workout, I do pullup negatives (a jumping pullup then lowering slowly) and bench or box dips. I am not up to where I can do full pull-ups on my own without a band or box to help…yet! I am getting there, and I can do a few partial pull-ups.

My upper body is getting stronger, but slowly it seems. Since I battle lots of muscle soreness I have to pace myself and be okay with small bits of progress. Some progress is better than no progress! I haven’t been rock climbing much lately and that makes a big difference.

Getting Stronger: Mountain Athletics Training Update #ad http://wp.me/p2Bw44-4D9 @TheNorthFace #MountainAthletics #ITrainFor

Make sure you recover properly between workouts and stretch well

I messed up on one of my 2 mile assessments: the timer started before I was ready and I forgot to pause it so my time was all messed up. Other than that and skipping a few workouts based on how I was feeling (I skipped a weights workout when I was super sore), I have been able to stick with it as best I can with my other workouts and fitness classes in the mix.

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Wearing my favorite tank and shorts from The North Face! So comfy and the perfect length

By now I should have completed the 6-week program, but since I missed days due to my other workouts and fitness classes I’m teaching it is still going. The way the app is set up if you miss a 2-mile assessment workout on Monday, for example, it will update the calendar in the app and that workout is still waiting for you when you come back to the app unless you choose to hit the “Skip” button on that workout.

This makes the app really nice: so I may miss days on the app but I don’t miss workouts since those will be waiting for the next time I open the app. This allows me to stick with the program and in the order it is set up, it will just take longer than 6 weeks.

Getting Stronger: Mountain Athletics Training Update #ad http://wp.me/p2Bw44-4D9 @TheNorthFace #MountainAthletics #ITrainFor

I Brought my Mountain Athletics from The North Face clothing to stay active on vacation

My biggest hurdle is consistency, which is one of the reasons I teach group fitness (so I’m accountable to others). Having an app like this to work with on my days off of teaching group fitness is really nice! When I have a day off of teaching fitness classes, sometimes it’s easy to sit back and take a break.

That’s a good thing, until I start taking too many breaks and then my fitness level starts to drop. The Mountain Athletics App is nice to give me something to work towards and goals to reach for.

My only problem (with myself, and not the app) is that I haven’t been consistent enough with the app. Some days I’m wiped and skip the more intense workouts on the app for a lighter workout. The 400 meter sprint intervals are still a tough one for me. I’m not a strong runner, so those 400’s are hard.

I am used to 100’s or 200’s, but I it’s taking some time getting used to 400’s. But I have to keep remembering to trust the process and recover. All in all I love the app and the workouts! I want to keep doing the workouts, fitting them in to my other workouts and classes.

Getting Stronger: Mountain Athletics Training Update #ad http://wp.me/p2Bw44-4D9 @TheNorthFace #MountainAthletics #ITrainFor

Getting everything done that I want to do will be challenging this summer! I’m going to be teaching outdoor bootcamps this summer and doing races and hopefully training for a half marathon and doing a long charity bike ride…whew!

Lots of fun things to do, so I’ll squeeze in the Mountain Athletic App workouts when I can. It’s a great way to stay accountable! Don’t forget to download the Mountain Athletics app to try the workouts for yourself!

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