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12-Week Blank Printable Race Training Schedule

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If you have upcoming races and need to track your training, use this compact 12-Week Blank Printable Race Training Schedule to log your running or cycling mileage (we also added a new 6-week goal sheet!)

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Hey friends, it’s time to update one of my older (but still awesome) posts! This one was originally posted in June 2013, so I updated the text, images, and schedule, and added new planning sheets. Happy training!

The New Year often brings with it new goals for fitness, and the beginning of the year was one of my favorite times to create a race plan for the year ahead.

While I have to take a break from running for a while due to an injury I’ll need surgery for, when I was training for a half marathon, this blank training schedule was one of my favorite ways to track my running mileage. It’s a quick at-a-glance way to see where you are in your training!

Because I loved to do so many things (weight lifting, rock climbing, hiking, cycling, etc.), it was hard for me to find a running plan that fit my needs. So I created a blank race training schedule that I could customize and make my own!

This blank race schedule is basic and meant to be an at-a-glance tracker for mileage. It’s isn’t meant to have places for a lot of detail, which is why you’d want a bigger running journal or notebook to track your training details (like fuel choices, how you were feeling during your workout, etc.).

Looking for a workout plan? Check out our 4-week Love Your Body workout program!

Our schedule is perfect for hanging on your fridge since it’s compact and you can see everything at once, which I love! I love details, but I also love to see the big picture, and monthly calendars are invaluable to me for that reason. When I was training for races, I’d hang this schedule on the fridge and fill out my miles each day and week.

You can also use this race training schedule for triathlon training at a glance, swimming, biking, running, or anything where you need to write out your weekly distances. If you need a longer schedule, print out 2 of these and re-number them!

The race training schedule looks like the one below, just click the link below to print or download it.

We updated the training schedule in September 2022! The updated training schedule has color on alternate rows for easier tracking across the sheet and it has improved print quality!

We also added a weekly goal tracking sheet as well that you can use to list and track your self care goals, nutrition goals, etc.

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There are 3 ways to use this blank training schedule:

  1. Write out your planned miles ahead of time so you know what mileage/distance goals you should be hitting
  2. Use it to fill in your actual miles/distances as you go
  3. Print off 2 of these schedules and do both: use one to plan out your miles, and one to fill in your actual miles

I’ve also added new printable 6-week goal setting sheets as well if you want these to go with the schedule! You can print those below by clicking on the link or the image.

Happy training!

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Main post photo by asoggetti on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “12-Week Blank Printable Race Training Schedule”

  1. I don’t so all the different things you do so I am able to just go.. gym for cardio, weights, core, stretching… I am easy! πŸ˜‰

    • Haha, yep, easy can be a good thing! I am always trying to add variety and find new things to try, so the list of things I want to do can be pretty long πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for sharing! That’s a great spreadsheet. I like to have room to schedule strength and yoga workouts too.

    • Definitely! I filled mine in with abbreviations – R for recovery (walking, yoga, swimming), HIIT, LISS, W for weights. This will work as long as I don’t forget what everything means, haha! πŸ˜‰

  3. That’s a great little spreadsheet! How nice of you to share. I am such a nerd that I do mine on a spreadsheet on the computer. LOL


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