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ProBar: All-Natural Sports Nutrition

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Disclosure: I received these products for free to review on my blog. Need some sports nutrition to support your workouts and endurance events? Here is my review of ProBar all-natural sports nutrition products

Pro Bar

Looking for all-natural performance snacks to help you prep for or recover from your next workout? Check out ProBar’s line of goodies!

I am really excited to review ProBar products not just for the obvious reasons (healthy and yummy performance snacks!), but also because I love supporting local (or nearly local) companies based in the western states. ProBar’s home is in Salt lake City, Utah, not too far from Wyoming, so I am excited to share ProBar’s products.

ProBar makes a variety of performance nutrition products for different needs and activities. They have protein bars (CORE), meal replacement bars (MEAL), energy chews (BOLT), sweet energy bars (HALO), and fruit-based energy bars (FUEL). Every Pro Bar product is all-natural and most are vegan. Below is a quick break-down of the ProBar products:

  • MEAL: vegan – certified organic – not baked (contains raw ingredients)
  • FUEL: vegan – gluten free – non-GMO – organic – contains full serving of fruit
  • CORE: vegan – gluten free – contains soy
  • BOLT: gluten free – dairy free – organic – non-GMO
  • HALO: vegan – organic – non-GMO – contains soy

Most of the products do contain nuts, and are processed in a facility with nuts as well. For more specifics on the ingredients, check out the ProBar site and read the nutrition labels for each product.

Pro Bar

To review, I got 4 varieties in almost every flavor, except the MEAL bars. I have tried the MEAL bars before and they are great! They do contain gluten, though, since the oats are not gluten free.

Also, I was not able to try the CORE bars or the HALO bars because they both have soy in them, but I still love the FUEL bars (formerly called Fruition bars) and the Strawberry BOLT chews. My husband has been using the CORE and HALO bars for pre- and post-workouts and during his work days and he loves them!

Even my parents (who aren’t big protein bar fans) really enjoyed the CORE and HALO bars I shared with them. I would love to see a company like ProBar make a protein bar (like the CORE bar) with brown rice protein powder (*hint*hint*).

I have been using the FUEL bars as a recovery snack immediately post workout. They are the perfect before or after workout fuel because they have quick digesting fruit sugars in it that can provide energy before a workout and it helps to restore glycogen levels after a tough workout, so you can use them as both a pre- or post-workout treat!

The FUEL bars are delicious, moderate in calories, and make perfect snacks!

Want to try ProBar for yourself? Here are some perks ProBar offers (just check out the ProBar site for details!):
10% off coupon when you sign up for their newsletter
Free shipping on orders over $75
10% off + free gift with recurring delivery (set-and-save)

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