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Make Some Hard Candy Dishes and Show Me Your Creativity!

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Craft your own easy to make hard candy dishes and share your creative photos with me, and I’ll post them in our blog post!

Last year about this time I wrote about my Hard Candy Dish experiment. I made some awesome bowls out of Jolly Ranchers candy!

You can do this with just about any hard candy, and one of our readers, Trish, sent me her photos to showcase her project! She made the bowls with starlight mints, Lifesavers, and butterscotch candies. Great job, Trish, these look awesome!

You can make hard candy dishes as a fun project with your kids and even give them as creative gifts.

I would love to see everyone’s creative spirit: give this project a whirl and send me your favorite photos! I will gather up the photos and create a post showing off how creative my readers are! Email your photos to thefitcookie(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have fun!

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    • This really is fun to make – especially with kids! You can make patterns and colors…don’t forget to send photos when you make this! ; )


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