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Stay Fresh Naturally this Summer

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Got sweat? Stay fresh naturally through all your workouts and adventures this summer with Tom’s of Maine natural personal care products

Stay #FreshNaturally this Summer with Tom's of Maine - FitBetty.com #CBias #shop

Got sweat? Of course you do! Some of us sweat more than others, but we are all in need of good sweat management, especially when we work out! Nothing kills a good workout vibe in the gym more than working out around gym-goers funky body odor (they must have forgotten their anti-perspirant!).

OR people who bathe in cologne and artificial fragrance before going to the gym, which is almost as bad! Whether it’s BO or too much perfume, some people have a scent-cloud hanging around them. I am determined not be be one of those people!

Stay #FreshNaturally this Summer with Tom's of Maine - FitBetty.com #CBias #shop
Working hard – getting sweaty!

As I’m getting older, making sure I stay healthy on the inside is becoming just as important as staying fit on the outside. Watching what I’m putting on my body is becoming much more important for me. When I was younger, those sorts of things didn’t mean as much, but I am now more aware of the impact chemicals in skin care can affect your health.

After all, your skin is your body’s largest organ! It may seem like a small thing, but taking steps to reduce your overall chemical load (in foods, personal care, and your home) can make a difference.

Stay #FreshNaturally this Summer with Tom's of Maine - FitBetty.com #CBias #shop

I’m certainly not perfect when it comes to using clean and all-natural products, but I do make steady progress by switching my regular products to all-natural products when I find good brands to try. So far I use “green” body lotion, face wash, and moisturizer, but I have yet to switch over my antiperspirant.

That’s a scary one to experiment with! But I’m going to give it a try: I ordered the Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry Antiperspirant from Amazon.com and I’m going to try it out!

Stay #FreshNaturally this Summer with Tom's of Maine - FitBetty.com #CBias #shop
The best thing about Amazon: early morning shopping!

The Tom’s of Maine natural antiperspirant uses recycled aluminum (their natural deodorants don’t contain aluminum) and it uses olive leaf extract as a natural antimicrobial to keep bacteria and body odor away. Tom’s natural anti-antiperspirant also:

  • Contains nothing Artificial
  • Is sustainably manufactured
  • Contains no animal ingredients and no animal testing (if you are concerned about animal cruelty)
  • Uses recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Contains no mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, or propylene glycol

When I get this new deodorant/antiperspirant in I will keep you updated!

Stay #FreshNaturally this Summer with Tom's of Maine - FitBetty.com #CBias #shop
Get outside this summer!

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    • Hi Danielle! This seems to work pretty well for me. The scent seems fine with my body chemistry, and it works well. I haven’t used it during workouts yet. It is a bit difficult to wash off and feels a bit dry when I put it on (putting it on after showering helps), but overall it is good! I have been rotating this in with my other products lately 🙂


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