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The SARAH Glutes and Thighs Workout

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Need a kick in the rear? Add a new level to your routine with the Sarah Glutes and Thighs workout from Bonnie Pfiester at PFit Blog

Image and workout from PFIT Blog

I have discovered something recently: my glutes, legs, and thighs need their very own dedicated day (or 2) each week. I love total-body workouts, but the weight in my thighs is very stubborn and needs a targeted approach.

I am one of those people who values fitness function and aesthetics. I want to look good, and I have discovered that my legs/glutes need their very own day each week for me to look the way I want to in that area.

Some argue that doing split routines (legs, arms, etc.) isn’t effective for real-life fitness, but my glutes beg to differ. The shorts I wore last summer are snug this year (!!!) so I knew it was time to change up my routine since my body isn’t responding to total-body workouts anymore.

It’s time for a change! I decided I needed to do workout splits again so I could devote more time to weight lifting each week.

That means with everything else I am doing I will be working out more, but I am kicking it up a notch to get my body back in better shape. I am okay with working harder/longer for a time as long as I schedule in recovery days and easy weeks religiously and fuel properly.

Glutes and thighs Workout

I was looking through Bonnie Pfiester’s blog for some good leg workouts when I found that they were creating custom workouts (sponsored by Designer Whey) for readers. So cool! I threw in my vote and Bonnie created a glute and thigh workout just for me. It’s killer!! Check out Bonnie’s site to get full workout details and exercise descriptions.

Bonnie posted this on Monday, which was set to be my leg day anyway, so this was the bulk of my workout on Monday. Since I am training for my half-marathon, I was scheduled to run as well.

I ran a portion of my distance before the SARAH workout and attempted to run more after the workout, but my legs pooped out! Note to self: if I need to run, do it all before this leg workout next time ๐Ÿ™‚

Glutes and thighs calorie scorching workout

Here’s a side note: if there are any doubters out there as to the power of weight lifting to change body composition, check out the calorie burn from my workout!

Here’s what I did:

Run 1.5 miles
Foam roll legs
SARAH Glutes and Thighs Workout (full 4 rounds – took me about an hour)
Foam rolling and stretching

Done and done for 900+ calories, woop woop! I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through 4 full rounds, but I pushed through and owned it! I did this workout on Monday and my legs and glutes are still sore!!

I feel like an old lady when I move around! But I know the next time I do this workout I won’t be as sore and my legs are looking better even after just that one workout. I can’t wait to see the results after a month of doing this workout 1-2 x per week! I plan on doing this routine for about 4-6 weeks and then shake it up again to avoid plateau.

Ultimately, whichever workout style you choose (functional fitness, total body workouts, or splits), consistency and changing up your workouts is imperative to getting results. Your body will get used to your routines so change up your workouts every 4-6 weeks to keep your body guessing.

I will come back to total-body workouts again, but for now, my legs and glutes need more attention so it will be splits for a while!

Glutes and thighs workout!

Me in PRO Compression socks ready to deadlift!

Do you regularly switch up your workouts to avoid plateaus?

Do you ever feel pressured to do workouts that aren’t effective for you?

8 thoughts on “The SARAH Glutes and Thighs Workout”

  1. Hi, this workout looks awesome! What type of Watch is that that tracks calories, fat and time? Thank you! Going to try this!

    • Hi Amy! The watch I’m using in the blog post is my Polar FT-40 heart rate monitor watch with a chest strap. It’s a great heart rate monitor, I’ve used it for quite and while and love it!

  2. I have always loved my traditional weights workout because it lets me mold every body part to what I prefer – including quads, glutes, hammies which I do 2 times a week & the older I get, the legs are the toughest part of it all – they are not like the arms for sure! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think there is a great place for all types of workouts but as we age – well, things change! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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