The Fit Cookie Outdoor and Wellness Gift Guide

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Looking for great gifts for your friends and family that are fitness enthusiasts or love the outdoors? Check out the gift ideas in our outdoor and wellness gift guide!

Disclosure: LARQ, Hylete, Rebl Jane, and SuperFat sent me free products.All opinions are my own.
photo collage of outdoor and wellness gifts

Our wellness gift guide includes gifts for all budgets, so you can get ideas for small gifts, big gifts, and everything in between.

We’ve also included some discounts and promos for some of these brands as well so you can save a little money while you’re at it!

Stay Wild Tote

If you have friends and family who love to hike and spend time outdoors, this hand printed black and silver Stay Wild tote bag is a great gift!

photo of black Stay Wild Tote bag

These tote bags are in our very own Etsy shop, and they are screen printed in Wyoming by me ๐Ÿ™‚ These bags are the perfect size for books, magazines, and tablets, it’s a great way for outdoor lovers to still enjoy the mountains even when they’re at home.

If you want a bigger bag that you can use as a grocery shopping tote, check out our large Stay Wild bags or our mountains calling bags. These larger bags are made in the USA and printed by a local shop here in Wyoming!

white canvas tote with "the mountains are calling" in black ink

LARQ water bottle

lark self cleaning water bottle

If you’re like me and carry your water bottle with you everywhere, the LARQ bottle is an awesome gift idea for anyone who is health conscious and loves tech.

The LARQ water bottle is the first water bottle that uses a built-in UV-C light to clean the bottle itself and purify the water inside. It’s really neat!

LARQ sent me their insulated 25 ounce bottle in Granite White. The LED UV-C light in their bottles are mercury-free and will kill up to 99.9999% of germs, bacteria and protozoa.

The LARQ company regularly has sales on their bottles and accessories, so regularly check our discounts page to see if they have new sales up periodically!

We posted a video on Instagram and Facebook about the LARQ, here it is below:


If your friends and family are looking for some new workout gear, Hylete makes some great activewear for both men and women!

Hylete popular women's fitness clothing items

Hylete sent me a holiday gift box with their popular styles:

  • Era Sports Bra (high impact bra)
  • Nimbus Tight
  • Luna Sports Bra (low impact bra)
  • Velo Short

The colors are fun and the construction is high quality! We not only have an exclusive discount code just for The Fit Cookie readers (below), but they also have regular sales and promos available that we regularly share on our Discounts page.

Get 15% off your first order of Hylete with code FIT15

2 Hylete sports bras

Yoga Jellies

YogaJellies are a great addition to your gym bag if you need a little extra cushion under your hands, knees, feet, or elbows during exercise.

aren’t just for yoga: they are great for adding a little extra cushion under your knees, elbows, hands, and feet when you’re doing a variety of exercises like pushups or stretches like a kneeling hip flexor stretch.

photo of woman using yogajellies
Yoga Jellies photo from the company website

If you need something a little bigger than these or more affordable, check out the Gaiam knee pad/cushions.

After my knee surgery, I got a set of cushions similar to the Gaiam ones for my knee for certain exercises and stretches and it helped a lot. I don’t feel like I have to use it now that my knee has healed up, I still love using them to cushion my knees.

Rebl Jane

If combatting stress is on your daily wellness list (if it’s, not it should be!), then you can get a little help from the REBL Jane stress fighter supplement.

Earlier this year when I set up our fitness challenge for our website, REBL Jane was one of the awesome brands that sponsored our weekly giveaway prizes and they sent me a bottle to try as well. It works great!

hand holding bottle of Real Jane stress supplement

REBL Jane contains calming and adaptogenic herbs and the amino acid L-theanine, which helps with anxiety, stress, and helps with sleep as well (I use L-theanine at night to help me sleep).


The SuperFat company makes a variety of flavored nut butters that are gluten free, dairy free, and keto! They have flavors like Coffee and Chocolate mint as well and they come in handy pouches that are easy to add to your gym bag or purse.

superfat nut butters next to bananas

SuperFat also just released their keto cookies this year as well! They do have dairy in them, but they’re gluten free and have no added sugars.

You can get 15% off orders of SuperFat with code THEFITCOOKIE!


tripod hammock with lights at night
Treepod, photo from Treepod Facebook page

We all know that relaxation and rest should be an essential part of your wellness routine (especially in 2020), and we found the perfect way to do that: the Treepod.

I’ve been ogling these Treepods for a while actually (a couple years now) and when I had included this in my original fitness gift guide, it was just on Kickstarter. Now it’s available on Amazon and ships for free with Prime!

tripod hammock hanging over a river
Treepod photo from Treepod Facebook page

Other awesome wellness and outdoor gift ideas:

Inflatable stand up paddle board: These are so much fun! If you love getting out on the water (whether it’s a mountain lake or an ocean bay), inflatable stand up paddle boards are fun and a good workout. We have an inflatable one and it’s much easier to drive to your favorite SUP spots without worrying about tying it down or getting a roof rack for boards.

GoSlo Stag Necklace: I’m loving this stag necklace from GoSlo Wyoming, it’s perfect for outdoor lovers (the bear necklace is beautiful too!)

Outdoor photography from The Fit Cookie: If you’d like a piece of Wyoming on your wall (or as a puzzle), we have some of our outdoor photography on Fine Art America where you can order prints, canvases, metal wall art, jigsaw puzzles, greeting cards, and more.

thistle photo from Vedauwoo Wyoming

We’re always adding new artwork to our page throughout the year, so make sure to check back periodically for more.

TRX: If you’re still working out at home this year, suspension trainers are great to use at home or outdoors, and TRX has regular sales. Plus TRX doesn’t just sell suspension trainers, they also have slam balls, battle ropes, stretching straps, and more.

Thrive Market: if you regularly buy healthy living items online, you can save some money on your orders with Thrive Market. They regularly run promotions and sales, so check out our Discounts page for updates on those!

Camelbak packs: We love our Camelbak hydration packs! I have a small one that I’ve had for years that I use for short hikes and bike rides. These are worth the investment if you love to hike, bike, or run.

Hypervolt percussion massager: you can also get some more affordable ones from Amazon, but some of them are cheaply made, so make sure that you check reviews. We have a post all about percussion massagers if you’re not sure how to use them.

prAna clothing: prAna has sustainable and fair trade clothing and accessories for women and men. Some of their products are made with organic cotton, recycled hemp or recycled plastic, and they make sure their production partners work in fair trade and ethical facilities.

I’ve had various prAna items over the years, and have posted a few times about their products. They make great quality clothing, plus they have a great fitness instructor discount program as well!

christmas gifts with dumbbells with text overlay that says "wellness and outdoor gift ideas"

Here are a few more fitness and wellness gift ideas!

fitness and wellness gift guide image

  1. KuaiFit Headphones: heart rate measurement, accelerometer, coaching, distance, calories, and waterproof so you can swim with these
  2. VibraCool: vibrating ice pack for recovery and injury
  3. Self-Inflating SUP Board
  4. Fire & Therapy F.I.T Roller: hot or cold therapy roller
  5. Phazon wireless earbuds
  6. Monkii Bars 2 minimalist suspension trainer
  7. Tough Mudder event tickets
  8. Hyperice Vyper vibrating foam roller
  9. Ayo wearable light therapy
gym and fitness gift guide collage image

  1. Coffee and Cardio Tank
  2. Skull cord keeper
  3. SUGA yoga mat made from recycled wetsuits
  4. Triathlete bangle bracelet: personalizable
  5. Mindful Yoga Pillow: fair trade, made in Vietnam
  6. Planner fitness stickers
  7. Girls just wanna have guns tank
  8. Grippz Mat: acupressure yoga mat

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