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Alcohol Alternatives and Alcohol Free Spirits

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If you’re giving up (or reducing) your alcohol intake, there are many great alcohol alternatives available so you can still enjoy socializing or winding down without the alcohol. We share over 20 different brands that create alcohol free wine, whiskey, and everything in between. Save this list for Dry January, Sober October, or any time you want to enjoy an non-alcoholic drink!

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A few years ago, we discovered that I could no longer drink alcohol due to what we believe is histamine intolerance. A few sips of a margarita would give me horrible sinus headaches for 1 or 2 full days. Not fun.

Even though I never drank alcohol very frequently to begin with, I really missed having the occasional mixed drink. I didn’t realize that alcohol alternatives were even a thing until a few months ago when I saw the Ritual Zero Proof products and started learning about other brands.

My mind was blown! I didn’t even realize there was a growing market for alcohol free drinks. I think this is pretty amazing since there are a lot of different reasons someone might choose to forgo alcohol, including medical issues (like me) so seeing these new products was pretty exciting.

The alcohol alternative market is growing a ton right now and there are so many brands on the market now with great reviews!

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So far we’ve only tried the products from Drink Monday and Ritual Zero Proof (I personally love the Monday whiskey alternative and the Ritual rum and gin alternatives), so we can’t comment on the taste of the rest of the drinks we’ve listed here.

If you want to try something specific, I recommend checking out the reviews on each website or on the online zero proof websites (we’ve got a list of those below) to see what buyers think of the product and whether it matches with what you’re looking for.

Some of these companies we’ve listed specialize specifically in alcohol alternatives, and others produce regular alcohol products with a few non-alcoholic options. There are a bunch here that you probably haven’t heard of before, and we’ll try to update this post with new alcohol substitutes as we find them.

Alcohol-free vs alcohol-removed

We’ve included several alcohol-removed drinks in this list besides the completely alcohol free ones.

The difference between a completely non-alcoholic product and an alcohol-removed one is that alcohol-removed drinks are brewed, fermented, or distilled the way a normal alcoholic beverage would be made (complete with alcohol), then the alcohol is removed afterward.

It is nearly impossible to completely remove the alcohol from traditionally created drinks, so alcohol-removed drinks usually still have up to 0.5% alcohol. Negligible for most people, but may be problematic for people who are abstaining from alcohol due to health or religious reasons.

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If you have histamine issues or serious allergies to alcohol, you might need to choose a product that is created alcohol free from the beginning, not one that is traditionally made then has the alcohol removed.

Most of the spirits listed here are crafted alcohol free from the beginning, but many of the wines and beers are alcohol-removed. We’ll try to make note of products that are alcohol-removed if we can find that information on their website.

Online shopping for alcohol free drinks

In addition to the individual websites Here are a few websites that specialize in curating and selling alcohol-free products you can order online and check out people’s reviews of different brands.

Check out our roundup of mocktail recipes for more non-alcoholic drink inspiration!

Alcohol alternatives

Alcohol-free spirits and packaged cocktails

Non-Alcoholic or Low ABV Beers

Please note that these are not gluten free beers, if you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, make sure to contact the manufacturer. But in most cases, these beers are all made with traditional wheat then the alcohol is removed.

Alcohol-free or Alcohol-removed wines

These are wines that are made traditionally and fully fermented but then have the alcohol removed.

Since the dry drink market is exploding lately and new brands are popping up regularly, I’m sure our list is missing a few things! Here are some other brands of non-alcoholic spirits to check out:

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