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Natural Allergy Relief: AllerDx Review

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If you’re looking for a natural seasonal allergy supplement, check out my AllerDx Review and how it worked for my seasonal allergies

If you're looking for a natural seasonal allergy supplement, check out my AllerDx Review and how it worked for my seasonal allergies

Spring and Summer are my favorite times of year: I actually get to spend some time soaking up the sunshine before the snowy winter months set in! The only thing I don’t enjoy about the warmer months is seasonal allergies, and my allergies have been the worst this year so far.

As much as I would love to spend more time exercising outdoors, I usually end up working out indoors mostly – partly because of my job at my gym and partly because my allergies make me sniffly, congested, and downright exhausted.

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I tried several medications, but they always had different side effects: drowsiness, dizziness, or jitters (thanks, pseudoephedrine!). I really don’t like taking medications if I can help it, and I prefer natural remedies that are affordable. I am a frugal person, so I as much as I love some natural products, I just don’t like paying too much for them.

I am always up for trying new things, so I jumped at the chance to try out the AllerDx allergy formula from Plantiva. Plantiva produces several botanical blends and natural remedies that have been doctor formulated and clinically tested.

AllerDx helps control and reduce the body’s histamine response and can clear nasal passages within 10-20 minutes, and (bonus!) the ingredients in AllerDx are all natural and stimulant-free, so there are no side effects to worry about.

I started using this several weeks ago and have noticed reduced nasal congestion. I have not noticed whether it has helped with my chest congestion, but it has definitely helped with my allergy-induced sinus congestion.

According to the directions, it is safe to take up to 12 capsules per day depending on how much congestion you have, but I found that I need to take about 3-4 capsules throughout the day keeps my sinus congestion under control.

I love Plantiva’s natural philosophy and quality, and their prices: a 60-count bottle of AllerDx (about 30 days worth) is less than $22 from the Plantiva Store, and even less if purchased through an online retailer like Amazon.com.

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