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Exercise of the Week: Ball Slam Burpee

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Looking for some new exercises to kick your fitness routine up a notch? Try this Exercise of the Week: the Ball Slam Burpee, one of my favorite exercises!

Ball Slam Burpees

I’m back with another Move of the Week (MOW)! This exercise is the Ball Slam Burpee, one of my favorite combination moves and metabolic exercises! Most of the exercises I’m featuring in the MOW series are my favorites – that’s why I’m sharing them!

Move of the Week: Ball Slam Burpee - @Fit_Betty #exercise #fitness #burpee

I had a lot of fun combining 2 of my favorite exercises, the medicine ball slam and the modified burpee. The ball slam targets the muscles in your arms and shoulders, core, and lats, while the burpees hit your shoulders, core, and legs.

Both exercises are metabolic in nature: they strengthen your muscles while raising your heart rate for cardio benefit too. The best of both worlds combined in one! Combination moves save time if you are crunched for time.

Move of the Week: Ball Slam Burpee - @Fit_Betty #exercise #fitness #burpee

Medicine Ball Slam…

Move of the Week: Ball Slam Burpee - @Fit_Betty #exercise #fitness #burpee

Then add a burpee

Here are some execution tips for the Ball Slam Burpee:

  • Use a large, soft medicine ball for the best results with this exercise. The Dynamax medicine balls are perfect, and that’s what I used for this exercise
  • This exercise targets the front of the body, so compliment this move with exercises that target the posterior chain (like kettlebell swings or the superman lat pull) for muscle balance
  • Keeping your feet wide for the burpee portion of the exercise helps to avoid rounding in your lower back
  • Keep shoulders drawn down (away from your ears) and back to keep your upper back in alignment as well and to avoid unnecessary tension in your neck during the exercise (especially the overhead ball slam portion)

In regards to the last tip, in the video and pictures my shoulders weren’t drawn back enough and there is some rounding in my upper back. I personally have troubles with this particular issue, and it can put unnecessary stress on your spine. I have to keep reminding myself to keep my shoulder blades “in my back pockets”.

This is a perfect reminder for myself when I am exercising, and it’s also a great cue if you are training or teaching group fitness, too.


What exercises would you like to see featured in the Exercise of the Week?

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