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Exercise of the Week: Superman Lat Pull

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Sculpt your back muscles with this easy exercise you can do anywhere that combines the superman and a band lat pull: the Superman Lat Pull

Move of the Week: Superman + Lat Pull

Hey fitness fans, I’m starting a new blog series! Each week I’ll post a new Move of the Week, an exercise you can add to your workout routines for some variety and fun! My goal is to post a new move each week depending on my schedule. The first Move of the Week is the Superman Lat Pull with a flat band, one of the low-impact but super effective exercises I use with my training clients.

I am a big fan of combination moves – moves that combine several exercises into one. It’s time efficient and makes for greater calorie burning. This particular exercise is a favorite of mine: it hits every muscle in your back (and even your glutes) in a single exercise. If you are short on time, this is the perfect move to include in your workout.

Move of the Week: Superman + Lat Pull Exercise - @Fit_Betty #exercise #fitness #strengthtraining

Tips for the Superman + Lat pull:

  • Keep your head and neck in a neutral position. Your neck is a natural extension of your spine so it should be in proper alignment (not far forward or extended too far back) to protect your neck joints
  • Draw your shoulder blades down away from your ears and together like you are trying to put your shoulder blades in your back pocket
  • If you have lower back problems, you can try this exercise without the raising your lower body off the ground, just raise your upper body
  • This exercise is not suitable for pregnant women

Here’s a regular superman:

Move of the Week: Superman + Lat Pull Exercise - @Fit_Betty #exercise #fitness #strengthtraining
Regular superman GIF

Then we add the lat pull with a flat exercise band:

Move of the Week: Superman + Lat Pull Exercise - @Fit_Betty #exercise #fitness #strengthtraining

 Watch the short video to see the move in action:

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