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Boost Your Training with the Mountain Athletics App

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Take your fitness to the next level and train for outdoor sports with the Mountain Athletics App from The North Face – get mountain ready!

Disclosure: this fitness app post is sponsored by The North Face
Boost Your Training with the Mountain Athletics training app - #ad #ITrainFor @TheNorthFace @TheFitCookie

Looking for a way to ramp up your training routine and get ready for those amazing outdoor activities this year? Whether you love to rock climb, run, or just hit the gym, you can challenge yourself and try something new with the Mountain Athletics from The North Face. I have been using the running track from the app for the past several weeks and I am loving it!

Boost Your Training with the Mountain Athletics training app - #ad #ITrainFor @TheNorthFace @TheFitCookie

Working out with this app is perfect for me! I was really looking forward to starting a new program for a bit and I needed to shake up my routine and add some more intensity. I want to lower my body fat again and get ready for running some local races. I chose the running workout track so I could get ready to race this spring and summer.

My running goal is to improve my 5K race time and compete in some longer races, hopefully a 1/2 marathon this fall if I can keep the tendinitis away. We are also planning on do a lot more bike riding this year, so I need to get ready for that, too, by stepping up my strength training in my legs, hips, and glutes.

Boost Your Training with the Mountain Athletics training app - #ad #ITrainFor @TheNorthFace @TheFitCookie

You can choose from 6 different fitness disciplines: running, general fitness, alpine climb, skiing (backcountry and all-mountain), and climbing. Download the Mountain Athletics App and choose your favorite training activity to start a 6-week workout program.

Some of the awesome features of the Mountain Athletics training app:

  • The app counts down your days to the end of the 6-week program
  • There are detailed videos for each move and exercise in the workouts so you won’t be left scratching your head what a slasher is
  • The workouts are explained in detail and you complete one section before moving on to the next, so the app tracks time for each section
  • You can earn badges for completing workouts so you can stay motivated
  • Built-in session timer so the app tracks your time so you don’t have to. It also
  • You can look at an overview of the program so you can see the workouts for the days ahead (here’s a screenshot of my overview)
Boost Your Training with the Mountain Athletics training app - #ad #ITrainFor @TheNorthFace @TheFitCookie

I also love that you can skip workouts or skip rest days and move on the next one. I am working on this program in addition to my regular workouts and group fitness teaching, so this feature makes it nice so I can fit the Mountain Athletics program into my regular routine. If you skip workouts or rest days, it will automatically adjust to the right month and day.

Boost Your Training with the Mountain Athletics training app - #ad #ITrainFor @TheNorthFace @TheFitCookie

The running program has a good amount of weight and strength training in it. The weight lifting workouts are good and self-directed (you determine your weight). I loved trying something a little different! It’s nice to follow a plan created by someone else for a change.

The weight workouts are strength focused (not hypertrophy) so the lifts are heavier with lower reps, except for the core circuit of course. This is great for me since I really love lifting heavy, I just don’t do it often enough.

Boost Your Training with the Mountain Athletics training app - #ad #ITrainFor @TheNorthFace @TheFitCookie

The 400 meter sprints were tough for me since I am used to doing 100 or 200 meter sprints but not 400 meters. Anything that stretches my limits is a good thing, though: it keeps me out of my comfort zone! On some of the last sprint intervals I ended up cutting them in half: sprint 200 meters and walk about 45 seconds.

Modifying is better than quitting! If you have a hard time doing some of the workouts, modify it and keep going. The workouts in the program are also realistically progressive: they get more intense as time goes on so you get stronger and still stay challenged. Once I’m finished with the running track, I might go through the general fitness track, or go through the running track again. The challenge is nice to have and I love trying new things, plus I get some good ideas for my personal training clients as well.

The North Face has also created free outdoor Mountain Athletics Training sessions that anyone can join! You can find some training sessions in your area by checking out their Mountain Athletics page.

Unfortunately, there are none close to me since I’m in the middle of Wyoming, but one of these days I would love to make it to a session if they start some in Denver! Don’t forget to download the Mountain Athletics app and check out the clothing (check out the Mountain Athletics clothing I got!). You can also find athletes and fellow fitness enthusiasts using the app by following the hashtag #ITrainFor

Make sure to follow The North Face on Twitter and Check out The North Face, Facebook for even more!

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