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Great Fall Fitness Activities to do with Kids

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Want to stay active in the fall months with your kids? Here are some fun ideas for fall fitness activities that you can do with your whole family

Fall Fitness Activities to do with Kids - @TheFitCookie #fall #family #fitness

Hey friends! I’ve been writing quite a bit more these past couple months, meeting one of my goals to write a bit more and spend less time being distracted by things. It takes a lot of focus but I’m getting better at it! I’ve found personally that Facebook has been the biggest distraction for me lately, so I need to remind myself less Facebook., more writing!

I have been freelancing a bit for a few years but nothing very regular, but I’m hoping to change that a bit and add regular freelance writing to my blog’s revenue stream since it helps quite a bit. One of my most recent freelance posts has been for Smart Lifebites, a website created by the Crispy Green company.

Autumn is officially here! If you’re like me, I’ve been loving the fall season so far. Summer has always been my favorite season, but in recent years I have come to love fall as well.

Aside from pumpkin-spice-flavored-everything, there are a couple other wonderful reasons to love fall: The weather is cooler and the leaves are colorful and bright, making this season perfect for outdoor activities. If you have great weather, take advantage of it as long as possible before the snow comes!

If want to make the most of the beautiful, crisp days in your hometown before cold weather approaches, here are some fun ways to stay active with your kids this fall.

Read the rest of my post over at Smartlife Bites, it’s all about fall fitness activities you can do with your kids: Fall Fitness Activities to do with Kids!

Fall Fitness Activities to do with Kids - @TheFitCookie #fall #family #fitness

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