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Get Fit with Friends! Partner BootCamp Workouts

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Get fit with your friends! Here are two Partner BootCamp Workouts to try on your next fitness meet-up with your friends or group fitness class

Get Fit with Friends!

It is not very often I get to work out with a friend, but working out with a friend can be fun! Making workout dates keeps people accountable, plus you can get a great workout while connecting with others. Jut don’t get too carried away talking that you forget to workout!

I came up with both of these workouts for a fitness class I was subbing last week and I decided to throw in some partner work at the end of each. I have always loved the workouts I have done that incorporate partner work! It is something new and it helps people find the fun in fitness. Todd Durkin always has awesome partner exercises at his bootcamp workouts – it adds another element of challenge that is engaging! I try to add partner work into bootcamps I do if the class size is pretty manageable.

The timing protocol is the same for both workouts: the warm-ups are basically whatever you would like to do for a warm-up for 10 minutes that involves simple movements with your large muscle groups, like bodyweight exercises or cardio like running.

The main workout is 40/10: 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest/transition. The partner work is 30/10: 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest/transition. I repeated each section 3 times total, but you can adjust that based on your fitness level: 1-2 times through if you are a beginning exerciser, or 3-5 times through if you are intermediate to advanced.

And….always listen to your body and modify if you need to!! If something doesn’t feel right (beyond regular exercise discomfort), then modify or change the exercise. Not everyone is built the same, our bones and joints are shaped differently, so some exercises will be uncomfortable for some people, and that’s okay. Make changes as necessary.

Get Fit with Friends! Partner BootCamp Workouts @Fit_Betty #fitness #workouts #fitfluential

 Download or print these workouts

Squat press:

squat press Collagewm

Do these with dumbbells, a medicine ball, or a pumpkin!

Clean and press

Partner crunch & med ball toss

Partner back-to-back med ball twist

Partner ball punches: one partner holds a large exercise ball, while the other partner punches the ball. Switch after your time is up

Get Fit with Friends! Partner BootCamp Workouts @Fit_Betty #fitness #workouts #fitfluential

Download or print these workouts

Here are some of the moves if you are unfamiliar with them:

Banana roll

Dumbbell Burpees: burpees holding a set of dumbbells, preferably the jelly bells with flat sides. Skip the jump at the top and replace it with a shoulder press

Med ball slams: use the big, soft medicine ball here that won’t bounce back into your face! Make sure to not arch your back or press your hips forward at the top

Ball slam

Rip Stick Side Bends: anchor a Rip Stick to something secure (a handrail works good). Hold the stick overhead and step out enough so that you feel some resistance. Bend over to the side, and slowly release back up to standing, holding the stick above your head the entire time (I will get some photos and videos of this some time)

Bosu burpees:

Plank row:



Partner plank hand taps/claps

Partner Band pulls

Partner sit up & clap (in this image, replace the ball with a hand clap)

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  1. I will be starting to work out with my cousin pretty soon, she’s also my best friend, and these are awesome workouts that I’m sure we would both be enjoying. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great workouts!! I love working out with friends, and I love the little cards we can print out. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!


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