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Printable Moving Checklist & Packing Tips

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If you’re moving, it can be easy to get disorganized amid packing! Get on track with a simple printable moving checklist along with some packing tips!

Printable Moving Checklist and Packing Tips - @TheFitCookie #home #printable

We’re moving!! We have outgrown our little house and we are moving into one that is a bit bigger and has a beautiful yard complete with an apple tree and a lovely garden. It’s going to be our first real yard in 10 years, we are all looking forward to that!

I’ll have to post some photos of our new house later on when we get settled in, and I will be {trying} to post regularly even during our packing and moving. Well, as much as I can regularly post since I am not so great at sticking to a blogging schedule…

At any rate, packing up my house inspired me to create a printable packing list for moving. I am a big list maker so I can stay organized and not forget everything I need to do. My memory isn’t as great as it used to be, and I tend to forget some things unless they are written down, so lists are super helpful.

You can add some things to the list if I missed anything, and you can make notes at the bottom too. Here are a few tips for making packing a little easier, too 🙂

Printable Moving Checklist and Packing Tips - @TheFitCookie #home #printable

  1. The last things you pack should be the first things you need to unpack and use immediately: dishes and cookware, computers, office supplies, etc.
  2. Use small boxes for heavy items (like books and dishes) and big boxes for light items (like clothing and blankets). Don’t pack heavy things in a huge box, that’s a back ache waiting to happen!
  3. Focus on packing one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed
  4. Don’t procrastinate! Start packing as soon as you can by boxing up all non-essential items (decor, wall hangings, books, etc.) immediately
  5. If you have several weeks to pack up an entire house, commit to doing something each day and extra on the weekends. You won’t have to spend hours every day (unless you have tons of stuff and very little time) if you can knock out something consistently each day
  6. Declutter! Get rid of unwanted items while you are packing to make hauling boxes and unpacking easier

If you're moving, it can be easy to get disorganized amid packing! Get on track with a simple printable moving checklist along with some packing tips!

 Click here to download or print the mover’s checklist!

14 thoughts on “Printable Moving Checklist & Packing Tips”

  1. Great job! Most people don’t really realize how much stuff they actually have until its moving day. So definitely tip #5 about breaking the packing process down over several weeks is very helpful. Thanks for the checklist Sarah.

  2. Don’t forget to organize as you pack! Pack one room at a time if you can, putting related items into each box. Label your box with the name of the room they come in, and add a short list of what’s inside if you have time. This will make unpacking your belongings much easier when the time comes.

  3. Great post, Sarah! I like to make a checklist too. It does saves some headache while you are moving! Good luck in your new place

  4. Thank you for the checklist! It’s so very helpful. I’m moving to Montana at the beginning of the next year and am looking for all kind of useful information to make my move less stressful. Tips and advices you’ve shared are very helpful too. Greets!

  5. Congrats for moving to your new home! It is great that you have a yard now! Enjoy being able to sit outside and have flowers! Me and my family are moving house soon and I am very excited because the new house is bigger, newer and has a nice garden! We have two kids and a dog and we desperately needed more space and a garden! I can’t wait to move! Thanks for sharing your experience! I will use this lovely printable for my move! 🙂

  6. Good luck with your move & congrats on the new house!! I can’t wait to see pics 🙂 That’s a really helpful list, thank you! I’ve been moving a lot the past couple years, so that’s really great to have 🙂 PS I didn’t realize you had two blogs!


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