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Fitness Gear Review: Strength Bands

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Check out my fitness gear review of the Strength Bands from Iron Woody Fitness, and some of my favorite exercises with these bands (like assisted pull-ups!)

Disclosure: I received free strength bands in exchange for a blog review
Strength Bands from Iron Woody Fitness

This past week I had the privilege of reviewing a set of strength bands from Iron Woody Fitness. I am excited to do this review and I love strength bands!

Here’s why: 1) I had this set of heavy duty strength bands on my wish list for at least a year, 2) these bands are a great tool for expanding your exercise routine, and 3) these are a great tool for building exercise confidence in beginners.

A colleague of mine introduced me to using strength bands over 1 year ago and she also recommended Iron Woody Fitness as a source. I chose Iron Woody Fitness for my strength bands because their bands are affordable, high quality, and *bonus* their company is located in the neighboring state of Montana (my home state!).

They have some of the best prices on the market for heavy-duty strength bands, plus their equipment is used by top facilities across the country, including several U.S. Olympic teams and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

The set of strength bands I reviewed all come in the Assisted Pull-Up Package, but you can buy them individually, too. Need other sizes? No problem: Iron Woody Fitness bands come in a wide variety of sizes/strengths.

If you are a Fitness Professional, you can qualify for 15% off Iron Woody Fitness equipment. Just contact them to get more information!

I have been experimenting with doing video for my blogs, so I have included a video review of the strength bands and a demo of assisted pull-ups with the strength bands.

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