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Food at IDEA World!

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If you missed this year’s IDEA World Conference, catch up on some of the allergy friendly food at IDEA World and the great healthy foods vendors!

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

I just got back from the IDEA World Convention and it was awesome! I had such a great time meeting new people and seeing blogging friends. Some of my other recaps will be shared on my fitness blog, Fit Betty. There were lots of great food vendors at the IDEA World Convention Expo, but here are a few of my favorites vendors that I actually stopped to sample their goods.

I only hit up the vendors that had food I could actually eat, so this is only a small sampling of the many food vendors at the IDEA expo. This post is not sponsored by anyone, I’m just sharing good stuff and links to companies that I think are pretty cool!

I ended up making 2 trips to the grocery store while I was at the IDEA convention so I could make up my own breakfasts and pack healthy snacks for each day. I bought some coconut milk creamer for my coffee (mixing it with some instant coffee and water), whole fruit and fruit squeezes, fully cooked chicken breakfast sausage from AlFresco (yummy!), fully cooked chicken breast (I kept both of these in my mini fridge for quick protein), and Larabars and snack bars.

I got plenty of water at the convention for free, so I didn’t have to worry about that, and I packed plenty of Cocogo and Vega Sugar Free Energizer to mix up with my water when I needed a boost. I also made sure to bring some Gu for my early morning workouts.

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

Chosen Foods was sharing some of their new treats (these haven’t been released yet): Cactus Chews and Chia Bites. Both were delicious, but I loved the unique cactus chews. They are dried bits of cactus with savory seasonings on them. The texture is like a fruit leather or dried fruit, but with a savory seasoning.

You could almost use this like vegan jerky! I really loved the cactus bites and was sad that I couldn’t buy a bag to take home, but I will be looking for these when they get released soon!

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

MacroLife had some samples of their bars and greens powder mixes up for grabs. I tried all of the drinks that they had mixed together to sample, and they were all great! I love juice powder mixes, so these were right up my alley. The kids chocolate powder and berry red powder were delicious mixed with water and a little apple juice. I brought some home for my kiddos to try

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

 Some of the vendors and food I enjoyed but didn’t get photos of are Ojio, GoMacro bars, General Mills (they had their Alt Larabars and Renola samples out – I love the Renola!)

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

This is super cool: Daiya Foods makes pizzas! These are dairy free of course, but also free of soy, nuts, eggs, and gluten. And they are delicious! The Daiya booth was so busy – tons of people were stopping by to sample their pizza, and everyone was loving it! I already love the Daiya products, so I’m excited to see that they are adding to their line of products

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

I tried some new things! I have never had dried dragonfruit before, or mulberries, goji berries, or goldenberries. I have had some foods with these in them before, but never by themselves, so this was a nice treat! I had to keep myself from eating all of them so I could save some for my family 😉

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

Navitas Naturals had their stuff at an amazing discount at the expo, so I couldn’t pass up buying these at such a good price. I should have bought more! Of course there wouldn’t be much room left in my bag… One thing I learned: a white hotel bedspread makes an awesome backdrop for food photos when you have natural light in the room. Maybe I should do this all the time!

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

I tried one of the re-formulated GoodOnYa bars. I have had these before and liked them, but they recently changed their recipe to use raw honey instead of evaporated cane juice, and the chocolate chips are unsweetened. Awesome! I love raw honey, and it’s so good for you. This bar is very yummy, I need to try some of there other bars 🙂

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

I found these gems at Target during my second grocery store run. Where have these been all my life?! So yummy, and I can eat these! Of course, I have to ration my chocolate consumption since my body isn’t tolerating it very well anymore… But I decided that these would be a great homemade Christmas gift this year for friends! They also had some almond and sea salt chocolate bark too that looked yummy.

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food
How cute is this tank?! Perfect for chocoholics

But since I like chocolate so much, this from tank Lorna Jane is so ME! So many of the sponsors were so amazing to the BlogFest attendees: Reebok, Under Armour, and Lorna Jane, and Merrithew all helped sponsor BlogFest and were more than generous to us bloggers. I was so impressed!

I already love these companies, but I am have even more respect for them now that I have heard their stories and been have able to connect with them on a personal level.

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food
Instant non-dairy latte!

 Annndd, a little travel tip for those of you with food allergies or intolerances: if you love coffee or lattes, but have a hard time finding coffee shops with dairy or soy milk alternatives, buy a single serve container of your favorite milk (almond, rice, coconut, etc.) and mix in a packet of instant coffee. Voila, instant latte! And it’s much more affordable too.

You can’t take this through airport security, but if you can find a shop in the terminal that carries single serving milks, you could take this on the plane with you. Hotel coffee can be hit or miss (my room coffee was definitely a miss), so this is what I had every morning for coffee. This particular brand of instant coffee is organic and it tastes pretty good for instant coffee!

Food at IDEA World! - TheFitCookie.com #IDEAWorld #food

Sunday evening after the IDEA conference had finished up, I went to the beach with my friend. I ate at an In-N-Out Burger for the first time in Huntington Beach. I was impressed!! Way better than Burger King or McD’s.

They use fresh ingredients and you can taste the difference! That place is always busy: it was about 9 pm when we got there and it was packed. I then found a place to get a boba/bubble tea! This has been on my foodie bucket list for a while, so I got a coconut milk bubble tea and it was delicious. I got tired of chewing the tapioca boba after a while, but it was definitely a fun treat!

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    • I loved the dried dragonfruit! My husband not so much, but he liked the fresh dragonfruit I brought home the other day. I got the chocolate bark at the Target down the street Sunday afternoon. It didn’t take long for me to eat the bag, haha! I have thought about going to the Blend retreat next year!


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