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Get Up and Move Desk Workout & Tips

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Stuck at a desk for work? Stay active with this Get Up and Move Desk Workout and active living tips for desk-bound workers

Get Up and Move Desk Workout

Yay, it’s Friday!! Friday should be it’s own holiday I think 😉 If you work at a desk or in an office all day during the workweek, then Friday is really exciting! While I know it is {almost} the end of the workweek, I wanted to share a great desk workout I created for Fitspiration For Moms!

There are so many down sides to sitting on your backside for most of the day, so it is really important to keep moving throughout the day instead of waiting till you are off of work to get in your fitness routine.

Here are some tips for staying fit if you work at a desk:

  • Set your timer to get up from your desk every 30-45 minutes to stretch and move
  • Walk or pace while on the phone or while reading documents
  • Consider adding a stand-up desk or a treadmill desk. Even a stand-up desk is worth it – even when standing still, you will be burning more calories than sitting still. You can burn an estimated 90-240 extra calories per day just by making that switch for an 8 hour workday (source).
  • Eat structured meals away from your desk (if possible) rather than grazing constantly all day
  • Keep water and green or herbal tea with you at all times and drink up!
  • Walk around the office whenever you get the chance
  • On breaks, take walks and fitness breaks to move and stretch

What are your favorite ways to stay in shape while working at your desk? Please share!


Get Up and Move! Desk Workout

Click here to get the downloadable and printable PDF


4 thoughts on “Get Up and Move Desk Workout & Tips”

  1. I LOVE desk push ups! 😀 They’re so easy and I feel like a jacked BAD ASS when I do like 10 of them, LOL!! As for other things I do at my desk… Well, I bought a mini desk to put on top of my current desk so that I can STAND when I am at my computer all day… I am standing RIGHT NOW! 🙂 It’s funny because now it feels weird to SIT at my computer. My job tends to force me to be in front of the computer for most of the day too so… Sometimes I stand for like 6 hours at a time! So much less back pain then when I used to sit 6 hours in front of my computer!

    • I love standing desks! I used to have my computer where I had to stand to work on it, but I had to move it when we rearranged. Now I need to find another way to get a standing desk!


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