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Simple and Natural DIY Acne Cream

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Natural DIY Acne Cream & coupon code! #ad @raisethemwell @thefitcookie #coupon #DIY

Help treat acne naturally with this zinc oxide-based cream. This Natural DIY Acne Cream is easy to make and can be made with your favorite ingredients

Natural DIY Acne Cream & coupon code! #ad @raisethemwell @thefitcookie #coupon #DIY

Hey friends! Sometimes it’s just crazy how our bodies change over time. I’m only 31, but things are way different for me than they were just 10 years ago, and my skin will continue to surprise me as I get older. My skin is changing and not necessarily in a good way…

In my late 20’s my skin actually got worse than when I was a teenager! I really didn’t have too many skin problems when I was a teen – mostly just when I ate dairy (since I’m intolerant) or when my hormones changed. But now that I have gotten older, my breakouts have gotten more frequent and definitely more annoying. Ugh.

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Along with watching my diet (certain foods trigger breakouts for me), one of the things I do to keep acne under control is watching my skincare routine and using some natural zinc oxide acne cream. Zinc oxide is a natural anti-inflammatory and it has healing properties (it’s in diaper rash ointment too!), making it a great addition to your skincare routine.

Natural DIY Acne Cream & coupon code! #ad @raisethemwell @thefitcookie #coupon #DIY

Fellow healthy living blogger Emily Saunders (co-founder and writer at Momsanity) and her husband created a brand of health and wellness products called Raise them Well. So far they are carrying the zinc oxide powder and the magnesium oil, but they will be expanding their product line as they grow!

Raise them Well sent me a free jar of their zinc oxide powder to review and share a recipe with my readers. I also have a coupon code to share at the end of the blog post, so don’t miss that!

Natural DIY Acne Cream & coupon code! #ad @raisethemwell @thefitcookie #coupon #DIY

Zinc oxide is a versatile powder and can be used to make your own natural skincare products, like acne cream (I’m sharing a recipe!), diaper cream, and sun screen. The zinc oxide powder from Raise them Well is:

  • Non-nano (won’t be absorbed into the body)
  • Lab tested lead-free
  • 100% pure
  • Toxin-free
  • Non-micronized
  • Uncoated

You can read up a little bit on the benefits of using zinc oxide and using a natural zinc oxide sunscreen that is made from non-nano particles rather than nano particles that can absorb into your skin and bloodstream. Natural zinc oxide cream may also be useful for eczema, rosacea, dandruff, sunburns, and psoriasis. It can create a protective barrier over damaged skin to protect it and heal. It’s definitely worth trying if you have skin issues!

Natural DIY Acne Cream & coupon code! #ad @raisethemwell @thefitcookie #coupon #DIY

On a side note, studies have shown that people who suffer from acne often have lower zinc levels then those who don’t have acne. If you have acne, you may consider seeing your doctor about getting tested for low zinc levels. Always check with your doc first before taking anything new! And take note that the Raise them Well zinc oxide powder is for topical use only so don’t eat it 😉

Natural DIY Acne Cream & coupon code! #ad @raisethemwell @thefitcookie #coupon #DIY

Here is the zinc oxide recipe taken from the Raise them Well e-book. When you purchase the zinc oxide from their Amazon store, each purchaser will get an e-book with natural skincare recipes in it for their zinc oxide. There are recipes for DIY sunscreen, diaper cream, and sunscreen so you can skip the chemicals and make your own skincare products.

For my recipe, I changed it up a little: I didn’t have good aloe vera gel so I used my Mama Mio Brightening Day and Night Cream that is all-natural and has some essential oils in it already. I notice that the cream does get a little dry at times when you go to apply it, so sometimes I will mix in a little more face cream before applying.

Natural DIY Acne Cream & coupon code! #ad @raisethemwell @thefitcookie #coupon #DIY

Disclaimer: This website contains general information about health and fitness. This information is not advice, and should not be used to replace medical advice from a doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you have any specific questions about health or fitness matters, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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  1. Greetings, just wanted to ask that you please do not post your recipe as an image. This can make the content difficult or impossible to access by people with disabilities (especially those with vision impairments). Please just use regular written text. The alternative text on all the images is also being used incorrectly, it should be describing the images for people who cannot see them. Thanks for your consideration!

    • Hi Harmony, thank you for the input, however these are all things I am aware of. You may have also noticed that this post was written back in 2015 before I (and many other bloggers) had clear guidance on accessibility for our websites. This is the only post we have where the recipe is in an image, every other post of ours has the recipes in an accessible recipe card. I’m in the process of rewriting our older posts including changing the image alt texts, however our media library has over 8K images and I’m working primarily alone on my site, so I appreciate readers having patience with us as I update older posts and images to be more accessible for people with disabilities.

  2. I’m not sure if you can even help with this, I’m googling anyone who may be able to help. I make my own face cream, in glass container with metal lid.but now it is going brown when in contact with the metal lid. I put preservative in the formula, but I think the Rosewater in the formula is reacting. Any idea?? I’m freaking out a bit.

    • Hi Debbie, it’s possible that the face cream has some acidity to it and it’s reacting with the metal in the lid? I know certain acidic foods like tomato sauce and things don’t store well in metal, so it might be better to store it in a glass jar that has a plastic or glass lid maybe.

  3. I didn’t know that avocado is a great acne cream, I’ve been a fan of DIY beauty routines since it doesn’t have any side-effect.


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