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Skip the weight Gain this Holiday!

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Disclosure: as a challenge host, I will make a percentage of the final pot

Skip the weight Gain this Holiday! Join my no-weight-gain challenge w @healthywage starting 11/6 #challenge #health #fitness

Hey friends! The holidays are coming up fast and once Halloween hits it seems like it’s one big feast from October through January. Lots of great food, but a lot of overeating too! In fact, most people gain between 1 and 5 pounds during the holidays, and people who are overweight already usually gain more.

That bit of weight gain might not seem like a big deal, but here’s the kicker: it usually never comes off. Those extra pounds every year can add up! 10 years = 10 to 50 pounds with those estimates. While it’s super tempting to go all out during the holidays, it’s also important to keep your long term health and fitness goals in mind so you don’t put on the holiday weight.

Healthy Wage ChallengeDon’t become a holiday weight-gain statistic this year! I am hosting another health challenge which starts in a couple weeks (November 6th): the Celebrate, but Don’t Gain challenge! This challenge is unique in that it is a weight maintenance challenge (not a weight loss challenge) so your goal is to not gain weight through the holidays. This challenge lasts for a couple months and covers Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (the challenge starts on November 6th and ends January 29th).

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Here’s the best part: you get to split the pot with the other winners! You pay your wager ($60 for this multi-month challenge) and the people who win the challenge get to split the pot, so you can earn at least your wager back and then some.

Paying a bit of money as a wager or bet for health and weight loss has been pretty effective for most people! Put aside a little cash toward this challenge and buy something special when you get the cash back after you crush the challenge!  🙂

Go check out the challenge for all the details and join the fun!
Skip the weight Gain this Holiday! Join my no-weight-gain challenge w @healthywage starting 11/6 #challenge #health #fitness

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