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Take Your Fitness Outside in Denver

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Want to skip the gym and still get a good workout? Take Your Fitness Outside in Denver at the Bronco’s Stadium and get some fresh air and sunshine

Take Your Fitness Outside in Denver! - @TheFitCookie @24hourfitness @broncos #fitness #Colorado

Hey friends! Since we aren’t too far from Denver (5-6 hours driving, not too far for us 😉 ) and a lot of local folks here make regular trips down to Denver, I wanted to share a bit about the new outdoor gym that went up at the Bronco’s stadium!

A little while ago I went down to Denver for the Bronco’s Stadium Challenge at Sport’s Authority field. Even though we didn’t get to finish our 5K, the event was a lot of fun. The Denver Broncos continues to offer health and fitness opportunities for Denver and the surrounding communities, like fitness challenges, races, and now an outdoor gym!

The Denver Broncos, along with 24 Hour Fitness®, have assembled a brand new, permanent 11-station outdoor gym circuit completely surrounding Sports Authority Field at Mile High. This workout circuit was designed to improve mobility, strength and cardiovascular endurance. Here are the stations:

  1. Body-Tuck
  2. Leg-Flex
  3. Heel-Flex
  4. Body-Pull
  5. Arm-Walk
  6. Leg-Over
  7. Push-Off
  8. Stair Workout
  9. Sit-Up
  10. Vault-Over
  11. Hop-Over
Take Your Fitness Outside in Denver! @TheFitCookie @24hourfitness @broncos #fitness #Colorado

(Pictured above: Station 4 Body-Pull: different levels of bars depending on your normal reach. Pull-body up and return to hanging for increased arm-strength)

If the thought of going to the gym doesn’t sound appealing, or is overwhelming, the new outdoor gym could become your “go to” fitness resource.  The outdoor gym features 11 permanent circuits surrounding the perimeter of the stadium. There are signs with instructions at each station to guide participants through the steps to complete each circuit. You can go at your own pace, and choose your own level of difficulty, in a judgement-free zone!

They had an event last month to break-in the new equipment and I was invited to attend, but I wasn’t able to make it. They do have an event coming up on Sunday, November 27th though! It shouldn’t be too long before I head down to Denver again since we have family there, so I’ll post some photos when I hit the outdoor gym!

Take Your Fitness Outside in Denver! @TheFitCookie @24hourfitness @broncos #fitness #Colorado

(Pictured Above: Station 1 Body Tuck: by laying on each platform and holding on to the bar, participants bring knees towards chest for a great ab workout. The steeper the incline, the more difficult!)

This outdoor gym is part of the Broncos Health & Wellness initiative that aims to educate and motivate Broncos fans on the importance of introducing and making healthy lifestyle choices. To help introduce the new outdoor gym, 24 Hour Fitness is launching a Broncos Bootcamp class throughout the NFL season, and offering free five-day passes to any of their 29 Colorado clubs through Nov. 30.

Here’s a video that demonstrates some of the workout stations:

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2 thoughts on “Take Your Fitness Outside in Denver”

  1. Can anyone use the outdoor gym and equipment? Or could I set up a group class for my High School Gymnastics Team next summer?

    • Hi Diane, I’m pretty sure that this is open for anyone to use. If you were charging a fee (like for an outdoor bootcamp or something), you would probably need to get permission, but if you were only using it for personal use or for a school class, I’m sure you’d be fine.


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