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News and New Things We’re loving #2

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Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for a blog post News and new things from The Fit Cookie: Keep your eyes open for some great things in the upcoming weeks, and check out fun stuff I have up to lately!

Hello friends! Lots of great things happening lately with my fitness and blogging, so I’m sharing some of the new things I have been up to and some of the products I have been trying.

First off, keep your eyes open for a giveaway coming up for Christmas! Yep, I am putting together a Christmas giveaway package for December and I want to know what products YOU would love to see included in the giveaway. Don’t be shy – tell me what you want for Christmas in the comments and you might see it in the upcoming giveaway!

Upcoming Christmas Giveaway - FitBetty.com

Have you ever heard of the IDEA Health & Fitness Association? It’s a fantastic organization dedicated to helping people live active and healthy. I have joined ranks with some seriously amazing people as an IDEA Inspired Blogger! IDEA has fantastic resources for fitness professionals too, so if you are a personal trainer or group fitness instructor than check out their membership and top-notch magazine!

Here’s a trivia question: what do cookbooks, workout clothes, and coupons have in common? Lorna Jane, of course! I’m partnering with Sweat Pink and Lorna Jane as a Holiday Fit List Blogger to bring you some fun things in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open! You can subscribe to email news from FitBetty.com so you don’t miss out 🙂

I tried a new product recently that is pretty cool: Neocell’s collagen powder. It’s powdered collagen protein that is an excellent supplement for joints, hair, skin, and nails. Since I can’t have most protein powders out there, I have been using this as a protein supplement to fill in the gaps.

It’s really affordable, and GNC and Vitacost carry it as well. The Neocell collagen beauty bursts are delicious, too, but they do contain sugar and are hard for me to eat responsibly 😉 I posted a couple brief reviews of both on my Instagram account.

This summer I was training for a half-marathon (the Crazy Horse Half-Marathon in South Dakota), but I once again got tendinitis – in my right knee this time. I had to stop running for a little while and couldn’t go more than 2 miles before my knee started hurting.

I was so disappointed since I had gotten up to 10 miles on my weekend long runs, but things went downhill from there. In a bad turn of events, the race ended up being canceled due to a severe winter storm the weekend of the race.

The blizzard was very early (first week in October) and was so bad that up to 100,000 cattle had died and buildings were ruined. Our town got hit with the storm (a level 3 snow emergency was declared) and tons of trees were destroyed.

October Blizzard 2013 in Wyoming - FtiBetty.com
Our driveaway after the blizzard

Since I had to stop for a while and start from scratch again, I decided to transition to zero drop shoes to see if it would improve my running form and prevent further injury. I bought some Altra shoes since my brother-in-law has been running in them and I have fallen in love with them!

They are wide in the toe box and zero drop so it encourages a natural fore-foot strike (versus a heel strike). They definitely take some getting used to! I have been building slowly over the last couple months but my calves still get tight so I have to roll and stretch my calves well. The ones I have been using are the women’s Lone Peak trail shoes, but I just bought another pair to try that is a regular street shoe.

 Altra Lone Peak Trail Shoes - FitBetty.com

One other fun fitness item I got to try out recently was a pair of 2-in-1 leggings from Athleta and FitFluential. My verdict: I love them! Very cute and fashionable, but functional and practical.

I got the OC Zazen 2-in-1 leggings and took them for a test run (literally) at my gym and they performed very well through running and walking lunges. I do think the waistband could be more comfortable, but overall these leggings were a fantastic addition to my fitness wardrobe.

Athleta OC Zazen 2-in-1 Leggings - FitBetty.com

4 thoughts on “News and New Things We’re loving #2”

  1. From the picture it looks like you know how to use that bow really well!! Our son loves to bow hunt and goes quite often.

  2. Congrats again! I just joined this week as well! It’ nice to see familiar faces! Have you shot a bow before? I never have but think it would be fun! My boyfriend owns a gun shop but they don’t sell bows for lack of room. He will someday when they expand!

    • Thanks Lauren! This was the first time I had shot a bow. My husband loves to shoot bows but I didn’t want to spend the money on one for myself, but we got a small one given to us so I have been using it. It’s fun! My husband is a huge gun-nut – he would love to have his own gun shop! 🙂


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