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Total Body Suspension Workout

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Take your workout outdoors with this fun Total Body Suspension Workout! Take your suspension trainer to the park or the trees for a fun workout

Total Body Suspension Workout - #ad @TheFitCookie #GorillaGlass @CorningGorilla #workout #fitness

Hey friends, it’s time for another workout! This is actually a workout that I have been wanting to post for a while but haven’t put the photos together until now. This one’s fun too: this is a suspension trainer workout!

Suspension workouts are some of my favorites! I like to use these workouts with my training clients. They incorporate body-weight exercises that work a lot of stabilizer muscles since you are working with a piece of equipment that isn’t fixed or stable.

It moves around a lot! Suspension trainers are a great way to build body awareness (a good perception of where your body is in space), balance, and concentration.

Another great thing about suspension trainers is that you can take them just about anywhere: in your home (with a door anchor), in the trees, at the playground, in the gym, and even at work if you have a place for it.

Suspension trainers don’t have to be super expensive either: I got this one for about $30 and it works great and is safe and well built. You can also get some simple ones that are a rope with two handles on the end if you want to keep it uncomplicated.

Total Body Suspension Workout - #ad @TheFitCookie #GorillaGlass @CorningGorilla #workout #fitness

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This workout is performed as a circuit. Here is the protocol:
  • Beginners: do 6-8 reps of each exercise and complete the circuit 2-3 times
  • Intermediate: do 10 reps of each exercise and complete the circuit 3-4 times
  • Advanced: do 12-15 reps of each exercise and complete the circuit 3-4 times

Make sure you complete a good warm-up before beginning this workout and take time to cool down and stretch afterward as well. Sometimes with my clients I will throw in some running at the end of the circuit to add a little cardio and make it fun 😉

Total Body Suspension Workout - #ad @TheFitCookie #GorillaGlass @CorningGorilla #workout #fitness
Overhead squat: stand with your arms in the straps and hold them up as high as you can. Make sure there is some tension on the straps at the starting point. Activate your back muscles to hold your arms up and maintain good posture before you begin to move by drawing your shoulder blades down and back.
Avoid arching your back in the starting position. While maintaining this position, add a squat. Hold your arms overhead throughout the exercise.
Total Body Suspension Workout - #ad @TheFitCookie #GorillaGlass @CorningGorilla #workout #fitness
Single arm row: begin by holding one handle at arm’s length and lean back so your weight is supported by the suspension trainer. Keeping your shoulders and hips square, pull your body up toward the anchor. Make sure you have good alignment: don’t arch your back on the way up. Slowly release back to start
Total Body Suspension Workout - #ad @TheFitCookie #GorillaGlass @CorningGorilla #workout #fitness
Chest press: with your hands in the straps on the handles, stand so your body is leaning into the suspension trainer at an angle. Lower your chest as you separate your arms, and lower until your elbows are at 90 degrees, then return to the starting position bringing your hands together.
Maintain a solid plank position during the exercise – don’t let your hips or low back sag.
Total Body Suspension Workout - #ad @TheFitCookie #GorillaGlass @CorningGorilla #workout #fitness
Side lunge: stand to the side of your suspension trainer and put your foot on the strap. Squat with the supporting leg. Take your time on this move so you can maintain your balance and avoid twisting your knees if you lose your balance. If you have good balance, you can try to add some weight to this exercise
Total Body Suspension Workout - #ad @TheFitCookie #GorillaGlass @CorningGorilla #workout #fitness
Mountain climbers: with your feet in the straps, hold a plank and bring one knee up at a time, alternating sides. Make sure you find your balance in plank before you start moving! If you want to make this move more difficult, add a pushup!
Total Body Suspension Workout - #ad @TheFitCookie #GorillaGlass @CorningGorilla #workout #fitness
Hamstring curls: with your feet in the straps, bridge up and hold the bridge while you move your feet in and out