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Letting Go of Good things to Make Room for Great Things

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Sometimes you have to let go of good things to make room for great things in life! I’m letting go of some things in my life, and here’s why

Letting Go Is Hard To Do

Sometimes quitting is ok…sometimes quitting is even good…but letting go can be hard.

I usually don’t get ultra personal or mushy in my blog posts, but I want to share that sometimes it’s okay to let things in your life go even when it’s hard so you can move forward into new things.

This past week I made the decision to stop teaching my Zumba class after 3-1/2 years. I had been thinking about this for some time now, and had battled the decision for months. But the time came and I knew I needed to make the decision to stop teaching my Zumba class.

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Since I got certified in personal training, time became an issue with teaching my Zumba classes. The class itself wasn’t taking up too much time, but between training for my upcoming half-marathon, subbing other fitness classes, personal training, parenting, housekeeping, and writing 2 blogs, I didn’t have the time to do new music and choreography, which is the life-blood of a Zumba class.

Lately, my health has been a BIG problem for me as well. Since spring and summer hit, my energy levels have plummeted due to seasonal allergies and consequently my IBS has worsened by leaps and bounds as well. Some days I have a hard time even wanting to work out, and teaching a fitness class is challenging when I’m feeling icky.

Considering all of these things, I finally made the decision to let go of my Zumba class and focus on my personal training and blogging. I still enjoy Zumba after 7 years as a student and teacher, but it takes a lot of time to keep the class creative and fresh. I still want to create choreography videos for YouTube, and I want to stay connected to my amazing students.ย  And I will take an occassional Zumba class when I have time!

Tomorrow morning I will be teaching my last Zumba class, and it will be bittersweet. Giving up and letting go is hard to do, but necessary sometimes to realize new dreams.

What are some things that you have had to give up to make way for new things in life?

21 thoughts on “Letting Go of Good things to Make Room for Great Things”

  1. I am in this situation right now. I’ve been an independent Zumba instructor for 10 years. I just can’t do it anymore. My heart isn’t in it, and I am not getting the students needed to create that true Zumba Fitness energy (which means I’m also not making much, if any, money). I’m struggling with how to announce it to my students. I have a handful of core regulars who love my classes, and I hate that they will be disappointed to find out that I’m not continuing after our summer break. What did you tell everyone?

    • Hi Amanda! I completely understand that feeling, it’s tough to let those things go when you’ve been doing it for a while. It’s been a few years, so my memory is a bit fuzzy on it, but I remember giving everyone a week or so heads up that I’d be done teaching my class. I think I told everyone right before we started class, so the regulars were there, and if anyone came in late I mentioned it to them (or the other people in class mentioned it to them) after class was finished. My regular students did miss it and were disappointed, but I knew the direction I needed to go and my reasons, so I didn’t let anyone talk me into continuing the class. I was still personal training at that gym so I regularly saw the people from my class and we’d chat, so I think that helped, too. I hope that helps and I hope everything goes well with having that tough conversation with your class.

  2. Thank you so much- I have been an instructor for 2 years and taught for about 1.5. I loved Zumba as a student for several years and dreamt of my own classes, encouraged by my instructor to do the training. I was already training to be a yoga instructor so thought it might be a good skill to develop. Now my yoga classes are going well and building up whereas I have just one Zumba class on a Saturday which is not well attended even though I do have a good core of lovely people. I am finding it hard to be motivated to to learn new routines and keep it fresh and want to spend time developing yoga classes because these go down well. It would seem obvious to drop the Zumba- I make no money from it. And yet… I love the music, love my students, will miss it. I have been struggling with this question. I don’t want to let it go and yet it is also giving me anxiety You have made me realise that I should. I needed to read this. I did a random google today to finally help me resolve the question and start fresh in 2020.

    • I hope you can find some closure if you decide to stop teaching Zumba, sometimes it’s hard to let things go that we enjoy, even if they aren’t serving our needs anymore. I still miss my students, but I love the freedom I have now. I also find it helps to pray about those changes, and God can bring direction and clarity as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with your changes and the coming year!

  3. Yes, I can totally relate though I’m still on the fence. I’ve been teaching for 8 years and Zumba has been a huge part of my identity..

    We moved to a new city 6 months ago, so I had to give up several classes, one of which was 5-years strong. Now in the new city, I’m surprised with myself that I’m not super motivated at all to start over & get classes going. Instead I’ve been enjoying doing my own workouts, and not having the obligation to be somewhere, my schedule is finally mine.

    Interestingly, since I stopped teaching, my partner has noticed that I’ve lost a significant amount of back fat! My theory is that perhaps teaching was causing a cortisol stress response which made me store fat there? The requirement to “show up” is stressful, especially when you don’t feel like it. There’s a lot of pressure to prepare a good class, there’s a personal cheerleading session to amp up before teaching, and about 1 1/2 hour after teaching to come down from the high. I’ve taught with fevers, migraines, stomach aches, heartaches… & you gotta stuff it all down & pretend to be okay.

    But I’m torn though, I love Zumba and leading and teaching people is amazing. I love that it gave me confidence and energy, it gave me a voice, it made me toned, and stand up taller in front of people and for myself. SIGH.

    • I know what you mean! I just stopped personal training a couple months ago, too, since I have torn cartilage in my hip. Bummer about my hip (I’ll have to have surgery in a couple months), but I am enjoying the freedom of not having a schedule. I’ve been working hard on my blog, so I’ve still been working, but I was really missing out on evenings with my family when I had to be at the gym at night.

      I loved teaching Zumba, but remember being exhausted after teaching and feeling dread sometimes when I had to teach but my body was so tired. I do enjoy having my workouts be my own workouts, I love it now!

      Whenever I have a hard time giving up something, I remember that everything happens for a reason, and life has seasons. Teaching Zumba, teaching yoga, and personal training all helped me become a better person, but those seasons of my life are now concluded. I’m writing new chapters in my life’s book, and I’m excited to see what is to come ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe you can find some new things to focus on that you’re passionate about, like volunteering? Everything is beautiful in God’s time, enjoy your seasons!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this… I became an instructor 2.5 yrs ago and was a student for 2 yrs prior to that. Initially, I taught 3-4 classes per week. Eventually dropped 2 as it was just too demanding combined with my day job as an outreach therapist. Taught 2 classes at a local dance studio for 2 yrs. Owner was not willing to do much advertising and I was tired of teaching to very low student numbers – although, I formed very close relationships with the students I had which made it worth the effort on some level.
    Had a class at a fitness studio fall into my lap this past summer. One class turned into 2, I dropped my other 2 classes (Fri & Sun) at the kids dance studio.
    I loooooove teaching in the studio I’m at now but my 2nd class has a pretty low attendance.

    With a very heavy heart, I’ve decided to drop the Sunday morning class. Will still teach on Friday night. As much as I love Zumba, my bigger goal is to become a motivational speaker. I made a commitment to pursue that goal (which has been a lifelong goal) this year.

    I still work as an outreach therapist at a new agency but I work very long hours and am working on getting my licensure to do private practice therapy in the state that I work in (CT). I new when I took the new job, I would be driving much more and it would eventually impact Zumba. Difficult decision but it is my day job that pays my bills.

    Reading your post helped me to resolve some of my anguish over dropping a class… thank you!
    Good luck in your other endeavors!

    Sue Z

    • It can be so hard sometimes to make changes to fitness classes when we feel like we are letting people down. Some people expressed disappointment in me for not teaching Zumba anymore, but it was what I needed at that {very stressful} time. I might take up one class a week again if it fits, but only if I’m having fun teaching it. I don’t want to teach a class if I feel burdened by it since that will reflect in my class.

      I’m so glad I could help you! In the end, your life priorities take precedence over fitness classes. I wish you great blessings in becoming a motivational speaker! That sounds like a great job, you will be great at it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. HUGS!!!!!!!!! I think many of us get this – we have juggling acts plus yes, sometimes our health & well being – do what is best for you always!

    • The health thing has definitely been an issue this year, unfortunately. I definitely need to take care of my body ‘cuz no one else is going to take care of it for me. I had some injuries earlier this year and it definitely makes me think twice about over-doing it these days.

  6. I have certainly given up a ton… A TON!!!!!!!!!!!! I could write a million pages about it. But honestly, you’re so right, you have to give up some things to make room for the bigger and better! It is definitely hard at first, but it gets easier when you do it more often! But really, who likes change?!

  7. I think it’s important to step back and evaluate our “commitments” every so often. Letting go of those things that no longer help us or make us happy is a good thing.

    • Yes, I often have to re-evaluate things I’m doing since I tend to do too much. I keep coming back to “family first” and it makes a big difference for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Sarah, I so know where you’re coming from!

    My life is similar to yours (except for the Zumba part ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and over the past few years, I’ve slowly let go of certain classes and work responsibilities. It’s always so difficult, though. Even when I know that it’s what’s best for me, I struggle with the guilt and feeling like I’m letting my students down. Of course, their new instructor is always fabulous and they quickly get used to the change.

    I think part of the problem for me, is that my identity is wrapped up in what I do. If I don’t do it anymore, who am I? Great that you’re able to have the time to focus on other things, though, right?

    • Tamara – I can completely relate to that sentiment. Before I opted to leave the gym where I had worked for 15 years, I thought – “This is who I am….who will I be if I leave?” It was a hard thing to do – everyone knew me there – I had made many friends and I was a well-liked instructor. Classes were full. I felt great about that.

      But it was time. And I quickly became aware that although I was an important part of that organization, it was not all I was. Great, liberating feeling.

      Wouldnt go back for anything! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I completely agree! I have identified myself as a Zumba instructor so it has became a part of how I identified myself. It does feel weird to say that I am officially done now, but I know it’s best for us right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hey Sarah – Been there, done that. For me it was BodyPump. Loved the program, but when I started my PT business, I was teaching it in KC (40 miles away) and it became too much. It is the best thing I did for myself and my business.

    I still miss teaching it. I loved the energy that participants brought to the class, but I get a lot of fulfillment from training large groups too, so it balances out.

    All the best to you in your endeavors!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Tracey! I used to take Body Pump classes at my old facility and I miss it, too. After school started I set down some solid rules with my personal training hours so I have more family time. It is hard to make those changes, but I know I won’t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚


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